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20 Facts You Don’t Know About Lord Shiva

Fact 2: Aghori Shiva

Aghoris, the ardent devotees, are associated with tantra vidhya which Shiva developed to calm Kali down while taking the Aghor form. This act lead to the leaking of hidden science of controlling goddess Kali. Today aghoris and tantriks use this knowledge and please different forms of Parvati like Chamunda, Bagulamukhi, Bhramari, Kalratri etc.

Fact 3: Widow Form of Parvati

A situation came in the world when Parvati got widowed. Yes, you heard it right. Parvati got Widowed. This happened because she swallowed Shiva in order to protect her devotee, Mallah. This widow form is known as Dhumavati Devi. The world was on the verge of holocaust but Narayana managed to handle the situation and brought Mahadev back into the world. Later Mallah got killed by one of the incarnation of Shiva, Martand Bhairav who is also known as Khandova Mahadev.

Fact 4: Adiyogi Shiva

The divine art of meditation and 7 steps of Ashtang yoga was invented by Shiva and that’s why he is known as Adiyogi.

Fact 5: Killing of Narsimha

We all know about the Narsimha incarnation of Vishnu and how he killed Hrinyakashipu. But what happened of Narsimha after that? Well he got uncontrolled in his anger and that’s why Bholenath took Sharabh Avatar and killed him.

Fact 6: Origin of Shiva

The meaning of word Shiva is “who is not”. It means “Nothing”. Which signifies that this universe is created from nothing or silence or darkness or zero. The third sound of OM (A, OO, M) signifies the energies of Bholenath which vibrates our throat. And the fourth sound which is silence, signifies all the three trinity gods.

Fact 7: Mahadev cut head of Ganesh because of curse

Mahadev cut the head of his son Ganesha because he was cursed by Rishi Kashyap about this. Also, an elephant Gajasur got the boon of getting extreme knowledge so his head was used as replacement.

Fact 8: Sin of Kartikeya

When Kartikeya killed Tadkasur, he did the sin of killing a devotee of Bholenath. Although Tadkasur was destined to be killed by Kartikeya but still he was an ardent devotee. To get rid from the sin, Murugan prayed and founded Pratikeshwar, Kapileshwar and Kumareshwar Linga.

Fact 9: Fight between Shiva and Narayan

Vrishabh Avatar is an incarnation of Shiva which he took when Narayana lost all his memories of being a trinity god and went to Patal Loka. There they fought for many years till Vishnu got his divinity back.

Fact 10: Mother of Shiva

Shiva is self born and that’s why he is known as Swayambhu (Self born). But Mata Anusuiya is considered to be his mother because she converted all the trinity gods into babies with the power of her faithfulness and feed them. She then gave birth to a son who had three faces (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh) and combined powers of all three gods. His name was Dattatreya.

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