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Adiyogi – The Guru of Yoga

Once Parvati asked Mahadev to get a festoon for her hairs. Mahadev went to pick some flowers to make a festoon. In the middle He was remembered by one of His devotee and went to help him.

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When He returned back, Parvati asked for flowers. He described her the story of how he needed to go to meet one of his devotee and because of that he forgot to bring flowers.

Parvati was in sorrow because she took the pledge that if Shiva won’t bring flowers, she will erase all His memories from Her mind. Mahadev was shocked listening to this. Parvati forgot everything and went to her parents home.

Mahadev took Adiyogi form

To bring back the memories of Parvati, Shiva took Adiyogi form and started teaching Yoga. He gave this world an ultimate science of Yoga and Pranayam.

Himavan and Menavati, parents of Parvati, were confused over her state but Shiva explained the complete situation and asked them to treat everything normal.

Parvati became the disciple of Adiyogi. He taught her the 7 steps of Ashtang Yoga. She started from 1st step and went on learning till 7th step.

In the last step, she had to do an austerity in peace. During this step, when Parvati was in a cave, Jalandhar used the Maya weapon invented by Shukracharya and captured her.

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With the help of Yoga, she got control over her mind, memories and emotions. There are many phases of Yoga which includes meditation, control over breath, concentration, patience, determination, vibrations and austerity.

Meditation frees our mind from stress and provides peace. By controlling our breath we can fight with most of the diseases. Concentration helps in better performance and perfection.

Patience and determination gives us an upper edge over our competitors and the power to face difficulties with ease. Vibrations clears our mind and open all the senses. Austerity connects our mind with the divinity.

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