Astro Sharmistha - From Aviation to Astrology

Sharmistha – Journey from Aviation to Astrology

How many of us pursue what we dreamed of? Within that, How many of us choose to change life of others? Our choices creates difference. Sharmistha is one of those persons who left a dream life to serve people through her knowledge and wisdom.

Astro Sharmistha

From hard core aviation background but strong pull for Astrology and knowing the unknown made her end up with Astrology. ‘The Science Of Reasoning’ through it, we can discern the karmic patterns behind events. Perhaps her exalted Jupiter took a toll on Aviation and she found the new way of growing up with Astrology spiritually.

Her consultation has helped people around the world including Bollywood celebrities such as Kumar Sanu, Ganesh Hegde, Pooja Chopra, Urvashi Rautela and many more.

For more than 8 years, Astro Sharmistha has helped people in various important aspects of their lives may it be in career, education, love, marriage and many more.

Astrology requires knowledge, skills and experience and she has perfected the science of reasoning with all her dedication and passion who can detect karmic patterns of occurrences. After all, understanding present events and knowing the future helps you shape your own destiny.

Astro Sharmistha has taken Vedic astrology to various digital and social platforms to raise awareness about how astrology can be a vital tool to find the true path of life.

After her prediction on Donald Trump winning in 2016, she has proved that prediction is her USP.

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