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How Banasur and Kronch Died? Rebirth of Parvati as Kumari

From the tandav of Lohitang and Shiva, some negative energies stayed and started creating new troubles in the form of Kronch, brother of Parvati and Ganga.

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Kronch – Brother of Parvati and Ganga

Kronch was the son of Himavan. He wanted the resources and properties of his father which were actually devoted for the welfare of the society. Himavan refused to give him anything because nature provided all the mountains and vegetation for the development of people and not for any individual to keep.

Kronch went to the wrong path and started disturbing the ecosystem. He created mutiny against his father.

Curse on Kronch

Rishi Agastya (One of the Saptarishi),  wanted to create a holy pilgrimage in south. He prayed Mahadev and got blessed by some holy water. Mahadev advised him to go to the south and spread the holy water wherever he wish to create the pilgrimage. With the effects of this water, Kaveri river will be created and that will lead to the establishment of several educational institutions.

Rishi Agastya happily accepted the water and started his journey towards south. In the path, he was obstructed by Kronch who tried to loot him. Kronch was in arrogance of being a relative of Shiva. He knew that God of Gods, Mahadev is his relative, so no one could harm him. He misbehaved with Agastya.

Rishi Agastya tried to ignore but when Kronch crossed his limits then rishi cursed him that if he is so arrogant of being a relative of Shiva then one day the part (child) of Shiva only will kill him.

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Death of Kronch

Kronch started creating devastation. He wanted to acquire the properties and resources of his father.

Kronch took support of Banasur and attacked Himavan. Banasur knew that Kartikeya, son of Shiva, will come to protect Himavan and Kronch will surely get killed. Then he will become the ruler of the kingdom of Himavan. Kartikeya can’t hurt Banasur because of the boon.

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As expected, Kartikeya joined the war and destroyed the whole Kronch mountain. This way the curse on Kronch got fulfilled.

Rebirth of Parvati and Death of Banasur

Menawati, mother of Kronch,  got traumatized after watching the dead body of her son. She blamed Banasur for that and found it injustice with her son. She knew that Banasur provoked Kronch to attack Himavan and that’s why the real guilty was Banasur but he was still alive just because he had protection of Mahadev. She asked her daughter Parvati to take revenge of her son’s death. Parvati promised to kill Banasur.

Rebirth of Parvati as Kumari

Trinity Gods and Deities got upset by the promise of Parvati because for killing Banasur, she needed to take another birth. Banasur could only be killed by an unmarried girl and Parvati was married.

To fulfill the promise, Parvati left her body. Shiva felt dejected without Parvati and went for deep penance. Narayan, the mayapati and moderator, took the responsibility of handling the whole scenario.

Narayan organized a Yajna to collect the energies of AdiShakti and helped her take new birth. Parvati took birth as Kumari. Narayan informed her parents to keep her away from all the information of Shiva. She should not have any knowledge of Shiva.

Narayan took the form of Guru Pratyaya and started teaching Kumari. Kartikeya became Murugan and started teaching her fighting styles. Ganesha taught her crafts and Lakshmi taught her dance.

Death of Banasur

When Banasur knew about the rebirth of Parvati, he  started forcing unmarried girls to marry at young age so that no girl will left unmarried and he will get saved. Bhootnath came to stop the injustice and rescued the girls.

Banasur attacked Kumari and in his arrogance, he didn’t call Mahadev for help. Kumari killed him and ended the reign of Banasur.

Kumari recalled her Parvati form and converted back. She then blessed the place with a statue where prayers of mademoiselle will be fulfilled and they will understand their hidden powers.

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