Essay on Festivals of India

❀❀ Essay on Festivals of India for Students and Scholars ❀❀

India is the country of festivals where different types of celebrations are organized throughout the year. The diverse land of this country signifies the glory of unity among people with their involvements in strange and unfamiliar rituals and customs. Citizens of India have different languages which separates them from each others but the festivals keep them close.

Significance of Festivals

A celebration is not merely for fun in India. There is always a well defined and genuine reason behind them. Most of these festivals are related to agriculture. For example, Pongal is celebrated to thank God after the first harvesting of Rice crops. Similarly, in northern part of the country like Punjab, Lohri is celebrated to show the excitement of new crops.

Most of the festivals are in the form of fasts. They are specifically performed by women. Since women are considered the form of goddess, they sacrifice food and water as a symbol of hardship for the welfare of their family and husband. One of such festival is known as Karwachauth, where married women have complete fast for a day in order to pray for the long life of their husbands.

There is another classification where the significance lies in the meetups. We humans are socially connected with each others but with the busy schedules, its always hard to gather at single place. Some festivals are designed to let people meet and share their experiences.

One of these festival has a tremendous value in our society. It is known as the festival of colors. Both friendship and enmity exists in society. While nobody wants enemies in their life, there are always some situations when we make some. A strong particular moment is required when people should not be allowed to argue and fight at any cost. This moment is celebrated as the festival of Holi, when you are not allowed to feel bad – Bura Na Mano Holi Hai.

Bhai Dooj, Raksha Bandhan, Chhath Puja are the few festivals where the bonding between brothers and sisters are celebrated. This relationship reminds both of them to take care of each other in all phases of life. Its always so pleasurable to see even too aged sister comes to meet their brothers on these days.

Some days are dedicated for the country. We, the people of India, works for the prosperity and development of our land. We celebrate the day of independence and passing of constitution to show our belief and faith in the law and justice of country.

Last but the most important, some festivals are primarily focused on the prayers and worshiping of God. Ekadashi Vrat, Maha Shiv Ratri, Durga Puja, Diwali, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri are the few most famous festivals which are celebrated all over the country despite of diversity. The ways and rituals of prayers differs with location but the actual significance remains the same.


Different ways and means are always required to help people connect with each other. Festivals were formed to let people socialize and share their happiness and troubles with distant relatives and elders. But sometimes it creates differentiation in the status of people which leads to sadness and frustration. The social bounds forces financially poor to spend beyond their limits which can later bring problems in their lifestyle.

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