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How Ganesha Broke Arrogance of Kuber?

Kuber is the deity of wealth. He is a Yaksha and has tremendous amount of gold, jewels and money. He is the son of Vishrava Rishi and brother of Ravana.

How Kuber Became Deity of Wealth?

Kuber was embarrassed of being useless. He was a yaksha but he had no responsibilities. So he did a hard austerity of Shiva.

When Shiva appeared, he asked to become a part of people’s life. Something of value and respect. So Shiva blessed him with a boon of being the deity of wealth.

Kuber became the most important part in the life of people. He is responsible to distribute wealth and pleasure among people depending on different factors.

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Ganesha Broke Arrogance of Kuber

After getting wealth, Kuber forgot his duties. He considered everything to be his property and ceased to use that for the welfare of people.

To show his prosperity and importance within deities, he organized a feast where all the respected deities, sages and humans were invited. He was in deep arrogance of his accumulated wealth and wanted to display his superiority over all others.

From Kailash, Shiva sent Ganesha in the feast. Kuber welcomed him and presented a large variety of food. Ganesha was delighted to see such delicious dishes and started eating.

Ganesha ate all the food that Kuber had but he was still hungry. Kuber was worried but till he find any solution, Ganesha started eating gold, pearls and jewels.

He ate all the money and wealth of Kuber but was still hungry. Then he tried to eat Kuber too.

Frightened Kuber remembered Shiva and cried for help. Shiva and Parvati appeared and asked Ganesha to leave him. Parvati then offered some Modak (Ganesha’s favorite sweet) to him and he got satisfied.

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Kuber lost everything along with his pride and arrogance. Shiva understood his condition and asked him to check his treasures once again. Kuber went to see and found that all his wealth were present there. There was a lot of food in kitchen and he had even more gold and jewels.

Kuber understood the Maya of Ganesha and apologized for his arrogance. He learned that the hunger of accumulation of money never ends like the hunger of Ganesha and one day everything disappears instantly. He declared that from now on, his every penny will spend for the welfare of people.

Shiva blessed him with a boon that people will worship him along with Ganesha. Because without Shubh there is no benefit of Labh.

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