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Kritivaseshvar Mahadev – Vyagreshwar Linga

Kritivaseshvar Mahadev – Why Shiva Wears Elephant Skin?

An elephant was creating nuisance and hurting devotees of Shiva. Hurt with the destruction, devotees prayed Shiva and cried for help.

To save the devotees, Shiva appeared and killed the elephant with his trident. The elephant turned into a demon whose name was Kriti.

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Kriti said that it was his wish to die from the hands of Mahadev and that’s why he was hurting the devotees. He knew that Shiva will definitely come to rescue His devotees and there he will get the chance to fulfill his wish.

He requested Mahadev to wear the skin of dead elephant too like the tiger skin. Mahadev granted his request and wore the elephant skin.

Mahadev also blessed the place by founding a Shiva Linga with his energies. This Shiva Linga is known as Kritivaseshwar Mahadev. Also, Mahadev got another name as Kritivas.

Vyagreshwar Linga

A sage was reading Veda in the holy city of Kashi. He was praying Lord Shiva by creating a Shiva Linga.

A tiger entered into the city and destroyed properties. He hurt many people and tried to attack the sage who was reading Veda and worshiping Shiva. Even in danger, sage continued his prayer and called Shiva for help.

For the protection of his dear devotee, Shiva appeared and killed the tiger. Sage was delighted to see his adorable God in front of him. He requested Shiva to bless the place with his presence.

Shiva converted his created linga into His energies and promised that He will never leave Kashi. Those who will pray at this linga will always find His presence.

Since the tiger attacked the city and because of him, Shiva came to that place, He named the linga in the name of tiger as Vyagreshwar Linga. Where Vyagra means Tiger.

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