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Ultimate Guide of Lord Shiva | Everything You Should Know

Family of Lord Shiva

In reality, the whole universe is the family of Lord Shiva. He resides in everybody and in everything.

But as a physical family, He lives with His wife Parvati and children Ganesha, Kartikeya and Ashok Sundari. His mount Nandi is also like His son and a crucial part of His family.

How Ganesha, Kartikeya and Ashok Sundari was born? Read the whole story.

Read the story of birth of Nandi.



Parvati - Consort of ShivaParvati is the Adi Shakti. After several failed attempts of union with Shiva, Adi Shakti took birth as Parvati in the family of King Himavan and his wife Menawati. To become perfect, She did hard austerity of about 3000 years and married with Shiva. Her mount depends on her form and they includes bull, lion, tiger, heron, donkey etc.



Kartikeya - Murugan - Eldest Son of ShivaKartikeya is the eldest son who is a warrior and commander in chief of deities. He was born to slay a powerful demon Tadkasur. Later he went south and got famous with the name, Murugana. His consorts are Devsena and Valli and mount is peacock.

Read the marriage story of Kartikeya.



Ganesha - Youngest Son of ShivaGanesha is the youngest son who is extremely intelligent. He is the provider of prosperity, knowledge, skill and talent and is a destroyer of obstructions. His head is of an elephant and He likes sweets especially Laddoo and Modak. His consorts are Riddhi and Siddhi and sons Kshem and Labh and mount is rat.

Why Ganesha has elephant head only? Why not any other animal? Click to know.

Why mount of Ganesha is rat?


Ashok Sundari

Ashok Sundari - Daughter of ShivaAshok Sundari is the daughter of Shiva and Parvati and was born from the blessings of Kalpavriksha. She was married with Nahush, son of King Ayu.



Nandi - Mount of ShivaNandi is a bull and the mount of Mahadev. He is like a son to Him. A farmer, Shilad, got Nandi as son from the blessings of Shiva. But he left home to serve Mahadev.

Shiva gave Nandi a boon that if any devotee would speak in his ears, those prayers will reach him directly.

Nandi was married to Suyeksha, daughter of Varun Dev.

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