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Ultimate Guide of Lord Shiva | Everything You Should Know

Incarnations, Forms and Parts of Shiva


Panchamukhi Hanuman - Incarnation of ShivaHanuman ji is one of the major incarnation of Mahadev who is immortal and extremely powerful. This incarnation is in the form of very intelligent monkey. He is the servant of Lord Rama. Because of his assistance, Rama was able to slay the powerful demon, Ravana.


Bhairav Nath

BhairavNathWhen Tulsidas died, Hanuman ji left alone in Kaliyuga. He wanted to finish Kali and end this evil yuga but Shiva asked Him not to interfere in the works of a Yuga. It appeared like Kali was tauting Hanuman ji because He couldn’t hurt him due to the promise.

Looking at the situation, Shiva sent Bhairav nath to assist Hanuman ji in spreading the power of devotion among the humans of Kaliyuga and threaten Kali to not to mess with Hanuman Ji ever. Kali promised to never hurt the true devotees of Hanuman Ji.

Bhairavnath then started staying with Hanuman ji in Mehandipur city of Rajasthan which is famous for relieving people from the troubles of ghosts, goblins, ghouls and other paranormal and supernatural problems.



VeerbhadraWhen Sati got burned in the yajna of Daksha, Shiva got furious and broke his crest. A fierce man with all the possible weapons appeared. He was Veerbhadra. Shiva ordered him to slay Daksha and all those who will try to protect him.

Veerbhadra fought and killed many soldiers, deities and demons and finally killed Daksha.


Kal Bhairav

Kaal BhairavWhen Narayana cut the body of Sati and spread the pieces on Earth, demon Tadkasur tried to hurt them. To protect these Shaktipeeth, Shiva ordered Kal Bhairav to kill demons and guard the Shaktipeeth forever.

There are total 51 Shaktipeeth and each of them is guarded by a Bhairav. Mangal Chandika Shaktipeeth is guarded by Mangileya Kapilandar Bhairav.

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Chandrashekhar Form

After the curse of Rishi Durvasa, when Shiva went to marry Parvati, her mother Menawati went unconscious and declared that she will not let her daughter marry with a man who is wrapped in ash, holding trident and have snake over the neck.

Narayana then did makeover of Shiva and turned Him into the most beautiful man of the world. This beautiful form is Chandrashekhar, which Shiva took to marry Parvati.


Sharabh Avatar

Sharabh Avatar of Lord Shiva - SharbheshwarShiva took the form of Sharabh to protect the world from the destruction of Narsimha avatar of Vishnu. He then got the name, Sharbheshwar.


Vrishabh Avatar

Vrishabh Avatar of Lord ShivaWhen Narayana forgot all his memories, Shiva took Vrishabh Avatar to bring Him back and remind His position in trinity gods.



A demon Dushan attacked the city of Ujjaini. Shiva took the form of Mahakaal and came out by bursting the earth and killed the demon.



Adiyogi - Incarnation of ShivaAdiyogi is the guru of Yoga. When Parvati lost her memories, Shiva took Adiyogi form and taught her the 7 steps of Ashtang Yoga.  Through this world came to know about the importance of Yoga and Meditation.

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Demon Jalandhar

Jalandhar was born from the anger fire of third eye of Shiva. He became the master of all the three worlds. But the ambition of becoming trinity God and the anger of revenge lead him to the path of death.



Shiva took the form of a intelligent boy, Grihapati, to fulfill the wish of one of his devotee, Vishwanath.


Demon Andhak

Andhak was born from the sweat of both Shiva and Parvati. He was principles less, ambitious, arrogant and blind. He had bad sight over Parvati so Shiva hung him on his trident. Later he got converted into Andhakeshwar Mahadev.



Aghora was the Aghori form of Shiva. When Kali got out of control, Shiva took Aghori form and relieved her anger with the power of tantra.


Martand Bhairav (Khandova)

Two aghori brothers, Malla and Mani, created devastation with the powers of Kali and tantra vidhya. Shiva took the form of Martand Bhairav and killed Malla with a Khand. Hence he is also known as Khandova.



Loknath was the incarnation of Pashupatinath to enlighten the world about the importance of animals.



Bhootnath is the master of time and the five elements of nature. Shiva took this form to release the five elements from the prison of Arunasur.


Nat Bhairav

Shiva took this form to help and enlighten one of his great devotee, Kalbheet.


Manasa Devi

Manasa was the girl who took birth from the psyche of Shiva. She was created to bless Vasuki with a sister. Later she got the position as goddess.


Demon Lohitang

Lohitang was created from the sweat of Shiva during Tandav. He was creative but destructive too. Shiva granted him the position in planets. He is the planet mars.

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