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Ultimate Guide of Lord Shiva | Everything You Should Know

Remarkable Devotees


Narayana is the trinity God and the greatest devotee of Shiva. Both Shiva and Narayana are the devotees and adorable of each others. Hanuman, incarnation of Shiva, is the devotee of Shri Rama and Rama prayed Shiva after killing Ravana.



Nandikeshwar or Nandi is the mount of Shiva. His life is only for the service of Mahadev. There is and will never be any devotee like him.



Shukracharya was indeed the great devotee of Shiva. He got lots of blessing from Shiva including the Sanjeevani Vidhya and position in planetary bodies.


Rishi Dadhichi

Rishi Dadhichi was a great devotee who was blessed by Shiva with bones made of Vajra. Later he donated his bones to make a weapon Vajra for the protection of deities.


Rishi Pippalada

He was the son of Rishi Dadhichi and was a great devotee like his father.


Rishi Markandeya

In the small age of 11, Markandeya created the Mahamrityunjaya mantra and worshiped Shiva.


Rishi Durvasa

Rishi Durvasa was the incarnation of Shiva. He was known for his anger and frequent curses. He was the great devotee of Shiva.

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Rishi Gautam

Gautam Rishi prayed Shiva and founded the Jyotirlinga in the city of Triyambak. He also got the blessings of Ganga and she started flowing from there as Godavari. Shiva then gave him the knowledge of Nyaya Darshan Shastra.



Parashuram was the incarnation of Vishnu who learned the art of fighting from Shiva. Shiva blessed him with mighty weapons like Parashu and Vijay bow.

Why Parashuram broke the tusk of Ganesha? Click to read.



Manika was the animal protector and a great devotee of Shiva. To enlighten him, Shiva took the form of Loknath.



Lakulesh was an incredible devotee who used to treat Shiva like a friend. He could even scold Him. For his happiness Shiva was going to repeat the time cycle.



Kalbheet was a boy who was very intelligent but got struck in the goodness and badness of the world. Shiva took the form of Nat Bhairav and enlightened him.



Pushpdant was a gandarbh (divine musician of heaven) who was such a great devotee that he never hesitated in even stealing items to offer Shiva in his prayers. Later he created the Shiv Mahimna Stotra.



Banasur was a devotee who became the son of Shiva through boon. Even Shri Krishna didn’t kill him because he got the protection of Mahadev. A girl, Kumari, killed him.



Shiva himself declared Ravana as His greatest devotee. To please Shiva, Ravana offered his 9 heads to Him. Ravana also built the palace for Shiva in Kailash.

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