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How Ravana Build a House in Kailash for Shiva?

Shiva had three children – Kartikeya, Ashok Sundari and Ganesha. One day the whole family along with Gana-pret were having their dinner and it started raining. Everybody ran into the cave except Shiva who was enjoying His food as if nothing happened.

Parvati saw difficulties for children because of the natural residence. She wanted a house at Kailash. Shiva couldn’t grant her wish because He himself is the destroyer of materialism and Maya. Parvati was sad so He granted her wish and asked everybody about their house of dreams.

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Search for Appropriate House

Kartikeya and Ganesha went on the search of ideal house. They went to Vishnu Lok, Brahma Lok, and different other places but couldn’t find anything appropriate.

They went to the Ashram of Rishi Vashishtha who directed them at the location where they could find their ideal house.

Ravana Made Replica

Ravana also wanted to offer a house to his adorable Shiva. But Kuber told him that Mahadev is free from such desires. Nature is his abode and He is absolutely away from worldly materialism.

Ravana was sitting with his replica where, at the same time, Ganesha and Kartikeya came. They found the replica extremely attractive and according to their requirements.  This replica was ultimate because it was complete in Vastu and craft. Ravana was the biggest craftmen and Vastu specialist.

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Ravana Build House in Kailash

Ravana started inspecting whole Kailash to find a suitable place. He was full of arrogance of being the greatest devotee of Mahadev. For the construction, he borrowed gold from Kuber and made the palace of gold with the help of Vishwakarma.

The palace was extremely beautiful. It was full of devotion of Ravana for Shiva but also with the arrogance of being the greatest devotee. Everybody loved the palace except Shiva.

Shiva said there is only yellow color in palace but Kailash is multi color. But the particles of palace were singing the story of devotion of Ravana so He also liked it.

Ravana Asked Palace as Donation

For first time entrance, Ravana organized a yajna. With all the rites and procedures, the task of yajna completed.

Shiva asked Ravana to let them know his fees. Ravana was intelligent and clever. He always wanted Shiva to reside with him. So he thought, why not ask the palace? Because that way Shiva will also come in donation.

Ravana asked palace as donation. Everybody was shocked except Shiva who happily gave it to him. Ravana was delighted and asked Shiva to come with him. Shiva refused as he asked the palace only not residents too.

Ravana took the palace with him with heavy heart. Everybody realized their mistake of forcing Shiva to live in a home with materialistic walls.

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