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Shitikanth – Why Vishnu Strangled Shiva? Story of NagendraHaraye

When AdiShakti got separated from Shiva for the creation of this world, He got deserted and left all the duties. He became celibate and went into nature.

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Narayana, being the moderator, could do anything to run this world. Without Shiva, it was not possible to efficiently perform all the tasks, as the world was lacking the great knowledge of Mahadev.

Narayana made a plan to resent Shiva so that His unattachment could turn into attachment.

Attack of Garud on Snakes

Narayana knew that Shiva can’t tolerate injustice on animals as He is Pashupatinath (Master of all creatures). So Narayana command Garud to hunt snakes who didn’t go to Patal Lok so that Mahadev would come for rescue.

Why snakes needed to be in Patal Loka?

Garud started attacking snakes. Vasuki interfered then Garud attacked him too. Vasuki called Mahadev for help. Shiva warned Garud to leave Vasuki but Garud said he is the servant of Narayana and according to Narayana’s command, he has to kill all snakes.

Shiva holded his trident to kill Garud but Narayana came for the rescue and told Shiva that he already blessed him with immortality. Shiva said that he will kill Garud, no matter what.

Fight of Narayana and Shiva

Narayana said that snakes are ordered to live in Patal loka but some of them are still on earth. They are breaking the law and need to be punished. Shiva said that Brahma dev never fixed any duration in his order and because of the nuisance of some snakes, all the species should not be punished. Its injustice.

Vrishabh Avatar of Shiva - Krishna KutumbVrishabh Avatar – When Shiva fought with Narayana.

Narayana and Shiva started fighting. Narayana knew that the fight will never end so he need to do something to end this. He provoked Shiva by strangling him by his hands and Shiva hit Narayana with his trident in anger. Trident pierced the chest of Narayana. As soon as Shiva realized what just happened, he burst into tears as he hurt His most adorable Narayana. Shiva healed wounds of Narayana.

Narayana said, at last he got successful in bringing the unattached Shiva to attached Shiva. The tears were the proof that Shiva is not emotionless. He has kindness and pain for his beloved people.

How Shiva got called Shitikanth?

Because of strangling, Narayana’s fingers got printed on the neck of Shiva. That’s why he is also known as Shitikanth. The mark of piercing of trident on the chest of Narayana stayed forever.

Because of the daring efforts of Narayana, Shiva got into world. Narayana, the moderator, once again proved that He can go to any extent to protect this world and avoid the situation of holocaust.

How Vasuki snake became the necklace of Shiva?

Shiva make Vasuki his necklace. He gave a lesson to this world who disregarded snakes because they are poisonous. Shiva is also known as NagendraHaraye or Nagabhushana. All the creatures in this world are made by nature so none of them are insignificant.

Why Garud attacks snakes?

Vinta and Kadaru were the two wives of Rishi Kashyap. Vinta wished for two children while Kadaru wanted 1000 children. Kadaru got 1000 snakes as her children while Vinta gave two eggs. When they didn’t respond for long time, Vinta burst one egg and found a half developed human baby in it. So Vinta didn’t touch another egg.

Snakes started spreading poison and disturbed the nature. Brahma dev asked them to go to Patal Lok. Some of them went and some stayed and kept on disturbing everybody.

One day Kadaru and Vinta were playing a game. Kadaru cheated and Vinta lost. Kadaru made Vinta her servant. The egg hatched and gave birth to Garud.

To free her mother, Garud went to snakes and requested them. Snakes wanted nectar so they put a condition on Garud of nectar for mother. Even for such inappropriate condition, Garud, without any option, agreed and went to heaven. He stole nectar. Narayana met him and told not to distribute nectar among snakes. Garud agreed and Narayana made him his mount. Narayana also blessed him with immortality without nectar.

Later Indra stopped him and asked nectar back. He requested Indra and told him his compulsion and promised to help deities forever. Indra agreed to let him take nectar but planned to steal it before any snake could touch it. Indra also gave boon to Garud that he will hunt snakes from this world.

Garud put the nectar in the courtyard of snakes and rescued his mother. Indra stole the nectar before any snake could reach it and took it back to heaven.

So Garud and Snakes became staunch enemies. Garud prey snakes as soon as he finds one.

Sharabh Avatar of Shiva - Sharbheshwar - Krishna KutumbSharabh Avatar – Shiva fought with Narsimha, the incarnation of Vishnu

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