Lord Shiva Names

Top 100 Lord Shiva Names With Meaning

Lord Shiva is one of the three supreme Gods of the universe. Lord Brahma is the creator of Universe, Lord Vishnu is the operator and Lord Shiva is the destructor. According to the devotional stories, Lord Shiva is the most kind and easily praised God. Both demons and deities are equally loved by Shiva and He is the symbol of patience. When the poison, Halahal, came out of sea from SamudraManthan, only Lord Shiva stood up to protect the world by drinking it. In this article we are going to list top 100 Lord Shiva names with meanings. We will also list the significance of these names wherever possible.

Top 100 Lord Shiva Names

1. Aashutosh (आशुतोष)

Aashutosh means the one who fulfills all wishes. The significance behind this is that Lord Shiva is very kind and he fulfills all the wishes of those who prays them. He is prayed by demons, deities and men equally because he fulfills wishes without any discrimination and easily pleased.

2. Akshayaguna (अक्षयगुना)

Akshayaguna = Akshay + guna = Uncountable + qualities. Akshayaguna means one who has many qualities. Lord Shiva is kind and destructive. He is a aghori and a family man. So, it is significant that he has many qualities altogether.

3. Anantadrishti (अनंतदृष्टि)

Anantadrishti = Ananta + Drishti = Infinite + Vison. Anantadrishti means one who has infinite vision. Lord Shiva is watching everything and everyone by closing His eyes. His vision is infinite and having sight on all the activities of universe.

4. Bhairav (भैरव)

Bhairav = Bhay + Rava = Fear + Remove. It means the one who destroys all the fears. Along with Hanuman, Bhairavnath is present in Mehandipur Balaji to remove fear from the hearts of devotees.

5. Bhalanetra (भलनेत्र)

Bhalanetra = Bhala + netra = Forehead + Eye. Bhalanetra means one who has eye on the forehead. Lord Shiva has a third eye on his forehead and it opens when there is need of destruction.

6. Bholenath (भोलेनाथ)

Bholenath = Bhole + nath = Kind + Master. It means master of kindness. Lord shiva is famous with this name, Bholenath. He is very kind and spreads His blessings to everybody who comes in His shelter. You can very easily hear devotees chanting this name in temples and everywhere.

7. Bhooteshwara (भूतेश्वर)

Bhooteshwara = Bhoot + Eshwar = Ghost + God. It means the lord of Ghosts. Everybody gets the shelter in the home of Lord Shiva and everybody prays Him. Even ghosts got the abode and that’s why Shiva is Bhooteshwara.

8. Bhootpal (भूतपाल)

Bhootpal = Bhoot + Pal = Ghost + Support. It means Lord Shiva is the protector of ghosts. While Lord Vishnu is against demons and ghosts, lord Shiva stands for their protection.

9. Chandrapal (चंद्रपाल)

Chandrapal = Chandra + Pal = Moon + Support. Once Prajapati Daksha was angry with moon and he decided to punish him. Moon went in the shelter of Shiva and Shiva gave him abode on his forehead. He protected moon from the rage of Daksha and hence known as protector of moon, Chandrapal.

10. Chandraprakash (चंद्रप्रकाश)

Lord Shiva holds moon on his forehead and it appears as His crown. So, Shiva is known as Chandraprakash which means one who holds moon on the crest.

11. Devadideva (देवादिदेव)

Devadideva = Deva + Adi + Deva = God + Over + God. Deva-di-deva means the God of deities. Lord Shiva is the supreme God and lord of all demi-gods and deities.

12. Dhyanadeep (ध्यानदीप)

Lord Shiva spends his most of the time in meditation. Dhyana means meditation and Shiva signifies it.

13. Gangadhara (गंगाधर)

Gangadhara = Ganga + Dhara = River Ganga + Hold. Shiva holds river Ganga in his crest. When Ganga emerged from the ewer of Brahma ji, its flow was extreme and earth couldn’t handle it. So Shiva held it in His crest. So He is known as Gangadhara.

14. Hara (हर)

Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are collectively known as Hari-Hara. Hara means one who removes all the troubles from the life of people.

15. Kailashadhipati (कैलाशाधिपति)

Kailashadhipati = Kailash + Adhipati = Kailash (mountain) + Ruler. Kailash is the mountain where resides Lord Shiva, so He is known as the ruler of mount Kailash.

16. Kapalin (कपालिन)

Lord Shiva meditates in the burial site in between bones and skulls. He wears the garland of skulls in his neck and hence known as Kapalin.

17. Lalataksha (ललाटाक्षा)

Lalataksha = Lalat + Aksha = Forehead + Eye. Means one who has an eye on his forehead.

18. Lingaraja (लिंगराज)

Lingaraja = Linga + Raja = Linga + King. Lord Shiva is the king of Lingas and the master of all Shiv Lingas.

19. Lokapal (लोकपाल)

Lokapal = Loka + Pal = World + Caretaker. Shiva takes care of all the creatures of this world and hence known as Lokapal.

20. Mahabuddhi (महाबुद्धि)

Mahabuddhi = Maha + Buddhi = Great + Intelligence. Buddhi means intelligence and Lord Shiva’s wisdom is extreme so He is known as Mahabuddhi.

21. Mahadeva (महादेव)

Mahadeva = Maha + Deva = Great + God. Shiva is the great lord and Mahadeva means the same.

22. Mahakaal (महाकाल)

Mahakaal = Maha + Kaal = Great + Time. Time is the real truth of life and Shiva is the master of time.

23. Mahamrityunjaya (महामृत्युंजय)

Mahamrityunjaya = Maha + Mrityu + Ajaya = Great + Death + Victory. One who won the death and Lord Shiva is Mahamrityunjaya.

24. Mahayogi (महायोगी)

Maha+Yogi = Great + Yogi. Shiva is the greatest sage and a Mahayogi.

25. Mahesha (महेश)

Mahesh = Maha + esha = Great + God. Shiva is the god of gods.

26. Nagabhushana (नागभूषण)

Nagabhushana = Nag + Abhushana = Snake + Ornament. Lord Shiva wears snake Vasuki in his neck as an ornament.

27. Nataraja (नटराज)

Nataraja = Nata + Raja = Dance + King. Lord Shiva is the king of dances. When he dances in happiness, the whole world blossoms but when he dances angrily (Tandav), the whole world shivers.

28. Neelakantha (नीलकंठ)

Neelakantha = Neela + Kantha = Blue + Neck. Lord Shiva held the poison (halahal) emerged from Samudramanthan in his neck. Because of this, his neck turned blue and he got the name Neelakantha.

29. Omkara (ओमकार)

Omkara = Om + Akaar = OM + Shape. The shape of OM is Shiva. OM is the only truth and its shape is Shiva.

30. Paalanhaar (पालनहार)

Paalanhaar = Paalan + haar = Nurture + to. Lord Shiva nurtures this whole world and hence got the name Paalanhaar.

31. Parameshwara (परमेश्वर)

Parameshwara = Param + Eshwara = Supreme + Lord. Shiva is the supreme lord.

32. Pashupati (पशुपति)

Pashupati = Pashu + Pati = Creature + Master. It means the master of all creatures.

33. Priyadarshana (प्रियदर्शन)

Priyadarshana = Priya + Darshana = Lovable + Sight. One whose sight is lovable by all. Everybody loves to see Shiva.

34. Pushpalochana (पुष्पलोचन)

Pushpalochana = Pushpa + Lochana = Flower + Eyes. One whole eyes are like flowers.

35. Ravilochana (रविलोचन)

Ravilochana = Ravi + Lochana = Sun + Eyes. One whose eyes are as shiny as sun.

36. Rudraksha (रुद्राक्ष)

Rudraksha means having rowdy eyes.

37. Sadashiva (सदाशिव)

Sadashiva = Sada + Shiva = Always + Shiva. Everything is perishable except Shiva. He was, is and will always be there.

38. Sanatana (सनातन)

Sanatana means eternal. Shiva is eternal.

39. Sarvacharya (सर्वचर्य)

Sarvacharya = Sarva + Acharya = Everything + Teacher. Shiva is the teacher of everything and everybody.

40. Sarvesh (सर्वेश)

Sarvesh = Sarva + Esh = All + God. Shiva is the god of all.

41. Shambhu (शम्भू)

Shambhu = Sham + bhu = Everything + Originate. Shiva is the originator of everything.

42. Shankara (शंकर)

Lord of all gods.

43. Shantah (शान्तः)

Shantah = Shaant = Silent. Shiva is silently watching everybody. He is calm, quiet and patient. When He lost his calm, He destroys.

44. Shoolin (शूलिन)

One who distributes happiness and joy.

45. Shreshtha (श्रेष्ठ)

Shreshtha means supreme. Shiva is supreme.

46. Shrikantha (श्रीकंठ)

Shrikantha = Shri + Kantha = Sacred + Neck. The sacred neck of Shiva gave him the name Shrikantha.

47. Shubhankar (शुभंकर)

Shiva is the mascot of auspiciousness.

48. Someshwara (सोमेश्वर)

Someshwara = Som + Eshwara = Moon + God. Someshwara means the god of moon.

49. Sukhda (सुखदा)

Sukhda = Sukh + da = happiness + giver. Shiva is the giver of happiness.

50. Suragana (सुरगन)

Suragana = Sur + Agana = Deities + courtyard. Deities always approach Shiva in problems and it appears like they always keep coming to meet Shiva frequently. So there are deities in his courtyard all the time. That’s why we call Him Suragana.

51. Sureshwara (सुरेश्वर)

Sureshwara = Sur + Eshwara = Deities + God. Shiva is the God of deities.

52. Swayambhu (स्वयंभू)

Swayambhu = Swayam + Bhu = Self + Originate. It means one who is originated by himself.

53. Trilochana (त्रिलोचन)

Trilochana = Tri + lochana = Three + Eyes. Shiva have three eyes.

54. Trilokpati (त्रिलोकपति)

Trilokpati = Tri + Lok + Pati = Three + World + Master. Shiva is the master of all three worlds known as Brahma Loka, Prithvi Loka and Swarga Loka.

55. Trishoolin (त्रिशूलिन)

The one who holds the trident.

56. Umapati (उमापति)

Umapati = Uma + Pati = Parvati + Husband. Shiva is the consort of Parvati.

57. Vachaspati (वचस्पति)

Vachaspati = Vachas + Pati = Speech + Master. The master of speech is Shiva.

58. Varada (वरदा)

Varada = Var + Ada = Boon + Provide. The provider of boon is lord Shiva.

59. Vishalaksha (विशालाक्ष)

Vishalaksha = Vishal + Aksha = Big + Eyes. Lord shiva have big, wide eyes.

60. Vishveshwara (विश्वेश्वर)

Vishveshwara = Vishva + Eshwara = World + God. It means the God of whole world.

61. Vishwanath (विश्वनाथ)

Vishwanath = Vishwa + Nath = World + Master. The master of the whole world is Shiva.

62. Vrishavahana (वृषवाहना)

Vrishavahana = Vrisha + Vahana = Bull + Vehicle. The one whose vehicle is bull.

63. Sarvaatmah (सर्वात्मा)

Sarvaatmah = Sarv + aatma = All + Soul. Shiva is the soul of all living beings.

64. Sarvavikhyaat (सर्वविख्यात)

Sarvavikhyaat = Sarva + Vikhyaat = All + Famous. Shiva is famous everywhere.

65. Charmi (चरमी)

Lord shiva wears animal skin as his clothes.

66. Prabhu (प्रभु)

Lord Shiva is independent. He is not dependent on anybody for anything.

67. Shashvat (शाश्वत)

Shashvat means one who is eternal. Shiva is eternal.

68. Shamshanvaasneya (शमशानवासनेया)

Shamshanvaasneya = Shamshan + Vaasne = Cremation Ground + Dwell. Lord Shiva is the dweller of cremation ground. He meditates there.

69. Tapasvinae (तपस्विनाये)

Tapasvinae means one who keep engaged in meditation and austerity.

70. Sarvalokaprajaapataye (सर्वलोकप्रजापताये)

Sarvalokaprajaapataye = Sarvaloka + Prajaapate = All World + Father. Shiva is the father and protector of all worlds.

71. Abhivaadaaye (अभिवादाये)

Abhivaadaaye = Abhivaad + aaye = Revered + All. Shiva is revered by everybody.

72. Mahadhanushaaye (महाधनुशाये)

Mahadhanushaaye = Maha + Dhanush = Great + Bow. Shiva holds a mighty bow called Pinaaka.

73. Chhatraaye (छत्राये)

Shiva acts like an umbrella over his devotees.

74. Viroopaye (विरूपाये)

Viroopaye = Vi + Roop = Fierce + Beauty. Shiva has fierce beauty.

75. Shatajivhaay (शतजीवाहे)

Shatajivhaay = Shata + Jivha = Hundred + Tongue. Lord Shiva have 100 tongues.

76. Sahastrapadae (सहस्त्रपदाये)

Sahastrapadae = Sahastra + Pada = Thousand + Feet. Lord Shiva have 1000 feet.

77. Guravae (गुरुवे)

Shiva is the great master and a teacher.

78. Sharanyaay (शरण्याय)

Shiva is himself the lord of shelter.

79. Sarvalokakrutae (सर्वलोककृताये)

Sarvalokakrutae = Sarva + Lok + Krut = All + World + Creator. Shiva is the creator of all worlds.

80. Maharupaaye (महारुपाये)

Maharupaaye = Maha + Rup = Giant + Figure. Lord Shiva took the giant figure in which this universe exists.

81. Mahakaaye (महाकाय)

Mahakaaye = Maha + Kaaya = Giant + Body. Shiva has giant body.

82. Vishwaroopaye (विश्वरूपाये)

Vishwaroopaye = Vishwa + Roop = World + Figure. This whole world is the figure of Shiva.

83. Grahpataye (गृह्पताये)

Grahpataye = Grah + Pati = Planet + Master. Shiva is the master of planets.

84. Ghortapasyaye (घोरतपस्याए)

Ghortapasyaye = Ghor + Tapasya = Severe + Austerity. Shiva is the one who performs severe austerity.

85. Samvatsaaray (सम्वत्साराए)

Samvatsaaray = Samvat + Saar = Year + Summary. Shiva is the year or the summary of time.

86. Mahabeejaye (महाबीजाये)

Mahabeejaye = Maha + Beej = Great + Seed. Shiva is the seed of universe.

87. Sarvagyaay (सर्वज्ञाय)

Sarvagyaay = Sarva + Gyaay = All + Knowledge. One who has knowledge of everything.

88. Dashabahavae (दशबहावाए)

Dashabahavae = Dasha + Baha = Ten + Arms. One who has 10 arms.

89. Svayamshreshthaaye (स्वयम्श्रेष्ठाये)

Svayamshreshthaaye = Svayam + Shreshtha = Self + Superior. Shiva is self superior.

90. Kamandaludharaay (कमण्डलुधाराए)

Kamandaludharaay = Kamandal + Dharaaye = Ewer + Holder. Shiva is the holder of Ewer.

91. Deerghaay (दीर्घाए)

Lord Shiva is immortal or Deerghayu.

92. Suteerthaay (सुतीर्थाय)

Suteerthaay = Su + Teerth = Self + Pilgrimage. Shiva is himself a pilgrimage.

93. Sarvashubhamkaraay (सर्वशुभम्कराय)

Sarvashubhamkaraay = Sarva + Shubh + Kara = Everything + Auspicious + Doer. Shiva completes the tasks of his devotees with auspiciousness.

94. Bahuroopay (बहुरूपाये)

Bahuroopay = Bahu + Roop = Many + Forms. One who has many forms.

95. Gandhadhaarinae (गंधधारिने)

Gandhadhaarinae = Gandha + Dhaari = Fragrance + Carry. Shiva carries Fragrance.

96. Gajaghnae (गजघ्ने)

Gajaghnae = Gaja + Ghn = Elephant + Slayer. Shiva killed demon Gaja who was about to destroy Varanasi.

97. Mahanaadaye (महानादाये)

Mahanaadaye = Maha + Naad = Great + Sound. Shiva has extreme sound.

98. Karmakaalavidae (कर्मकालविदे)

Karmakaalavidae = Karma + Kaala + Vidae = Acts + Time + Knower. Shiva knows the perfect time to accomplish some act.

99. Maheecharinae (महीचरिने)

Maheecharinae = Mahee + Charinae = Earth + Wanders. Shiva wander on Earth.

100. Niyataay (नीयताय)

Shiva always performs his duties consistently.




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