Varuthini Ekadashi 2018

Varuthini Ekadashi 2018 – Varuthini Ekadashi Story, Fast, Dates

Varuthini Ekadashi 2018 in short

Vedic Month: Vaishakha
Gregorian Month: April – May
Paksha: Krishna Paksha
Worshipping Deity: Lord Vamana, Laxmi – Narayan
Significance Bless lame person to walk normally,
Bless luckless woman to get lucky,
Freedom from birth cycles
Story From Bhavishya Purana
Story About King Dhundhumara,
King Mandhata
Fruit Equivalent To 100 Kanyadaan
Varuthini Ekadashi 2018 Date 12 April 2018
Varuthini Ekadashi 2019 Date 30 April 2019
Varuthini Ekadashi 2020 Date 18 April 2020

Who is telling story to whom?

Lord Krishna is telling story to eldest Pandav Yudhishthira about the significance and prosperity gained by Varuthini Ekadashi 2018.


Varuthini Ekadashi 2018 – Story

Yudhisthira said, “Hey Devakinandan, please tell me the significance of Ekadashi which falls in Krishna Paksha of Vaishakha month.”

Lord Krishna said, “Hey King, the ekadashi of Vaishakha month during Krishna Paksha is known as Varuthini Ekadashi. The Varuthini ekadashi can release you from the cycle of birth and death. It provides fortunes to the unfortunate woman. The lames can start walking with the effects of this ekadashi.”

Yudhisthira said, “Hey Keshav, who should we worship on this Ekadashi?”

Lord Krishna said, “Lord Vamana is glorified and worshipped on this Ekadashi along with Lord Narayana. With the blessings of Narayana, one can achieve great success in life.”

Yudhisthira said, “Madhusudan, could you tell me a story which glorifies Varuthini Ekadashi?”

Lord Krishna said, “Listen very carefully. There was a dynasty known as Ikshvaku. Ikshvaku means one who speaks very sweetly. This dynasty was on the name of Ikshvaku who was among the 10 sons of Manu Vaivaswata. This dynasty was also known as solar dynasty. There was a king Dhundhumara in this dynasty who was cursed by Lord Shiva, the God of Gods. But he kept fast of Varuthini Ekadashi and got released from Lord Shiva’s curse.”

Varuthini Ekadashi 2018 - King Mandhata

”There is another story of King Mandhata, who was very charitable and ascetic. He ruled at the banks of Narmada river. One day when he was in meditation, a bear started biting his leg. It dragged him inside the forest. King Mandhata prayed to lord Vishnu and hearing the need of aid from a devotee, Lord Vishnu came and killed the bear. He told Mandhata that he should fast on the day of Varuthini Ekadashi and please my Varaha avatar idol in Mathura. Mandhata kept fast with sacred heart and got his leg back.

Lord Krishna added, “Hey Yudhishthira, In this way, Varuthini Ekadashi can bless a lame to walk again. The glory of Varuthini Ekadashi is unlimited and there is supreme importance of donations on this day. One can donate different things according to their capacity including horse, elephant, land, food grains, gold. Kanyadaan is the biggest donation among all others. If one has nothing to donate then they can donate their knowledge which is even bigger than Kanyadaan.”

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Varuthini Ekadashi 2018 – Fast Procedure

  1. Varuthini Ekadashi is celebrated to gain the blessings of Lord Vamana who was the 5th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The procedure of prayer is same as all other Ekadashi. Clean the place and offer fruits, flowers, dhoop, deep etc. to lord Vishnu.
  2. Those who are keeping the fast can have a one simple meal made up of milk, fruits, dry fruits, nuts and vegetables on the day before Ekadashi, to keep their mind, body and soul at peace. This is Satvik food.
  3. Grains, Moong, wheat, rice, meat, black gram, betel nuts, betel leaves, honey are strictly prohibited even for those who are not keeping the fast.
  4. Fast begins from the sunrise of Ekadashi to the sunrise of Dwadashi. One should not eat or drink anything in this period.
  5. There are few things which one should keep in mind. You should not indulge in gambling, drinking, anger, bad sight, wrong thoughts, hatred, sexual activity during this period. One should not apply oil on body, cut hairs, shave or trim, brush.
  6. The devotee should not sleep in the noon or at night during fasting. They can chant mantras, songs, prayers in the praise of Lord Vishnu. They can also read Bhagwat Geeta or Vishnu Shahastranaam. The whole idea is to keep yourself engaged in the reverence of Lord Vishnu.
  7. After sunrise of Dwadashi, the devotee needs to offer food to the Brahmin and then they can break their fast by having prasad. There is also a great importance of donations on Varuthini Ekadashi. People can donate horse, elephant, cow, gold etc.

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