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What is OM? How is it connected with Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh?

What is OM?

OM is something which is undefinable. You can’t just define everything of this universe and OM is the supreme. OM is not a word because words are made in this world by people. But OM is a divine energy which is far from the understandings of human mind.

OM is the energy source and central point of the creation of this world which we call ParBrahma. The whole universe is inside OM. One can’t define but feel it.

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You can feel the energies of OM only when you are at peace and there are no more thoughts, desires, expectations left in your mind.

It is made up of three and half sounds – ‘Aa’, ‘Oo’, ‘M’ and the half sound is silent.

How OM is connected with Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh?

Aa – This sound signifies the energies of Brahma Dev. The vibrations of chanting this letter affects the lower abdomen part of the body. It is called Swadhisthan. This part leads to the birth.

Oo – This sound signifies the energies of Vishnu. Chanting this, will affect the middle chest part of the body. It is called Manipurak. This part leads to nurturing and running the body.

M – M for Mahesh and this sound is full of energies of Shiva. The vibrations affect our throat during chanting. We call Shiva, the Neelkantha and He resides in the throat of every living being. It is called Vishuddhi. This part leads to purifying our character and thoughts.

Collectively, AaOoM vibrates from upper abdomen to throat in series. This single chant blesses people from the energies of all trinity Gods.

The half silent sound is difficult to achieve. It is what we call ‘nothing’ or zero or peace. All three supreme gods reside in this ‘nothing’. Everything took birth from this half sound. In universe, this half sound vibrates and provides energies. If one could manage to feel this sound during chanting, they will come closer to the trinity Gods.

Brahma is OM, Vishnu is OM, Shiva is OM, the pillar of light is OM and this whole universe lies in OM.

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