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Why Brahma Dev is not Worshiped? The Story of First Shiva Linga

From nothing, a shape got created which took the form of Vishnu. From His navel, a lotus blossomed and Brahma was born from it.

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For many thousand years they remained unaware about each other. Finally when Brahma saw Vishnu, He thought that Vishnu got created from Him. They both started arguing over the issue of superiority.

The First Shiva Linga

While they were arguing, a long pillar of energy and light appeared between them and a voice came out of it which said that the one who will find the end of this pillar first, will be superior.

Vishnu went into the down side of the pillar and Brahma went into upside. For thousands of years, they traveled to find the end but it appeared to be continuously increasing with them.

Brahma dev found the flower of Ketki and thought that he found the end. He asked Ketki to tell everybody that He found the end.

Both Brahma and Vishnu came back. Brahma dev delightfully boasted about his superiority and that he found the end. He presented Ketki who lied along with Him.

Shiva Cursed Brahma Dev

The pillar turned into Shiva who condemned Brahma dev for lying. The pillar was without any ends. It was infinite like knowledge.

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For lying, Shiva cursed Brahma dev that He will not be worshiped in temples or homes. Also the flower of Ketki will never be used in the prayer of Shiva.

On the other hand, Narayana told the truth and accepted that he didn’t find the end. Shiva was delighted with the honesty of Vishnu and made Him His adorable.

Shiva then enlightened everybody about the pillar. It was the first Shiva Linga which signifies knowledge and wisdom.

Later all the three Gods decided to create universe. Brahma asked Shiva to separate His Shaki part from Himself for the creation of this world.

As soon as Shiva separated Shakti, she lost Shiva element and got far from Him. Shiva felt dejected and removed himself from the duties of this world. He became a celibate.

Later Shaki took birth as Sati, daughter of Prajapati Daksha. Daksha was the son of Brahma. He took revenge by cursing Shiva too.

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