Core Members are the heart of Krishna Kutumb. What are core members and Why you should join us, all the answers are below.

List of Core Members

  1. Vishal Vaishnav
  2. Ratnesh Kumar Sahu (Shiv Das)
  3. Ramdev Sinh Zala
  4. Archana Duggal
  5. Deven Rathore
  6. Anand Kaushal Sharma
  7. Teena Gautam
  8. Keshvi Rajput
  9. Naveen Gupta (Keshav Kripa)
  10. Rakesh Bhatia
  11. Raghav Pandey
  12. Yogita Aggarwal
  13. Bappi
  14. Priyanka Sareen
  15. Chandrashekhar Ji
  16. Akash Mittal


Common Questions

What was the need of Krishna Kutumb?

We believe that main reason of stress and depression is unemployment or under employment. Because of extensive use of machinery, there is less requirement of manpower in industry which leads to money accumulation into the pockets of founders and investors. We are creating a company which will create different products and spend the complete profit from sales, for the welfare of society. Now you can imagine what will happen if billions of dollars will be utilized for your development instead of filling the pockets of few, so called, powerful-rich people.


What are core team members?

The structure of organization is divided into two parts – Core Members and Users. Core Members are the heart of Krishna Kutumb. Kutumb means family and core members signifies that. They hold the responsibility to represent the community in their areas and organize events in groups for the benefit of society. They are the ones who will reach the maximum height, position and social respect with the growth of community.


Why should I join core team?

Because you want to do something for the society but couldn’t because you are alone. Joining core team will give you a group of social workers with whom you can accomplish your dream of benefitting the society.

  1. Core members will be like family. They all will be connected with each other through advanced mobile application of Krishna Kutumb. When you will be in need of financial, mental or any other help, they will be there for you.
  2. You will get connected with the powerful people of society which might include actors, politicians, businessmen etc.
  3. There will be few core members from your respective area, so you will represent Krishna Kutumb in your area with those few people. This way you will become the respected figure near your place.
  4. Being the core member means, your feedback, suggestions and complaints will be considered for improving the operations. You could easily get permission to organize events in your area of your choice. This way you will be the commander of change in your area with the help of Krishna Kutumb.
  5. We will organize events exclusively for core members every month where they will meet and share time.
  6. If you wish, you could join Krishna Kutumb as a fulltime member and earn your living from it.
  7. In this community, you will get the opportunity to lead, learn, and motivate people for social welfare. In future, you will be remembered as the one who brought changes in the society. Don’t you want to do something concrete in your life?


Will Core Members Get Monetary Benefits?

Not yet planned. Why do we always think of money for anything we do? If we give you 10 Rs. to buy a packet of biscuit and feed a stray dog, will you charge us 2 Rs. over it for your service? Think about it.

We are not providing you a job. This is not employment. We are working for those who needs us, and we want your support in that. Even the founder will not get any kind of money.

Think about the bigger picture. What do you need money for? Food, shelter, clothes, illness, education, training, movies, restaurant etc. Out of these, illness and education are the things which needs us to save money. Being the member of community, you will get connected with doctors, school management and other professionals who will help you in troubles without being self-centered. Think about it. Money can’t bring you those things which connections can. Krishna Kutumb is providing you the opportunity for making your own life happy and stress free.


Who will get monetary benefits?

No one. Because all the profit will be utilized to make this country a better place to live. All the employees (including founder and management) will get the salary like any other company. All core members who will work full time will get the salary. Else, the profit will be used for social welfare. NOBODY, will become the billionaire and accumulate money in their bank accounts in this organization. You can’t be self-centered when on the path of spirituality.


Why should I do anything for the society?

Hmm.. Let’s see –

Rama, Krishna, Adi Shankaracharya, Vivekananda, Bhagat Singh etc. devoted their life JUST FOR SOCIETY. Lord Rama used to serve the people of Ayodhya in disguise of ordinary citizen every night. Even His brothers couldn’t talk to Him for months because they never find Him in kingdom after day time court. Vivekananda made us proud in whole world. Bhagat Singh sacrificed his life FOR US. Why they did all this for the society?

Let’s face the harsh reality which we never look at. There are several species of animals, insects, birds etc. along with humans on this earth. Everybody has something which we call life. Animals also feels just like us. There is no difference at all except the way of living. It means animals might also feel to be a human like us because we have a home, food, clothes etc. Why they are animals and we are humans? Both have the life in them, then how it is distinguished? How we became humans and not street dogs? Think about it. There must be a reason which is too complex to be explained.

The condition of animals is extremely poor. Have you not heard the cries of dogs in winters? Have you not seen the cows eating garbage? We never care because they don’t pay us.

People are enjoying life today. They are going to restaurant, movies, disco, pubs, foreign trips etc. Even wasting a lot of money uselessly in the name of comfort. Cool. But how long will they enjoy this? One day they will die and won’t remember anything, even how much they enjoyed. And if the theory of rebirth is true, then they might get born either as a super-rich prince or a middle-class child. They might also be born as a kid who sells balloons at road for food and no one buys from him because there is always a sophisticated mall ahead. How will it feel to see somebody wasting hundreds in the name of show off and not buying a 2 Rs. balloon from you. And don’t say that you can’t become that poor kid. Everything is possible.

So, we need to do something for society just FOR OURSELVES. Because if the theory of “Good Deeds Brings Good Future” is true then we will be benefitted and if not, then also we would have started a revolution in the society which will make our life easier being a poor kid. Forget welfare, be a selfish, self-centered human being, even then our happiness and future lies in the social welfare. If you join at this stage, then you will be remembered for your great work forever.


What are the roles of core team members?

The whole community is driven by core team members only. There are number of tasks which need to be done on everyday basis. Depending on the skill set, a member could choose anything.

Mandatory tasks for everybody –

  1. Connecting new member with the community and let them know about Krishna Kutumb. Connect elder people and professionals.
  2. Share new articles, posts, resources from Krishna Kutumb website and facebook page to your social media accounts.


Other tasks depending on skills (Choose whatever you can do) –

  1. App and Website development.
  2. Content Writing for website, blog and app.
  3. Organizing events like tree plantation, education for kids, feeding animals etc.
  4. Getting sponsorships for events till organization is not profitable.
  5. Making videos and live videos to interact with people and appeal them to join our mission.
  6. If you are a singer, then record devotional songs.
  7. Photographers can shoot documentaries of temples and holy places.
  8. Visiting temples, priests, astrologers and connect them to the platform.
  9. Distributing printed promotional materials for offline marketing.
  10. Talking to people and guiding them regarding app usage. Elder people needs guidance.
  11. Planning events for core team members.
  12. Selecting appropriate new people for the core team.
  13. Managing the already core members.


What are the plans of Krishna Kutumb?

Krishna Kutumb is founded to improve the life of people with the principles of devotion. It is an organization which provides all the religious resources through the medium of mobile app and website.

Krishna Kutumb wants the development in thinking of common people. Instead of depending on the external sources, they should work for their own improvements and we are here to work with them. For example, a clean area brings development in many forms. It is the responsibility of residents to keep their areas clean, but they are less motivated to do so. Before asking them for anything, they should be taught the benefits of the task. How clean area can save their money and bring more happiness in family. This motivation will definitely encourage them to put efforts and Swachh Bharat Mission could be actually successful.

Another thing which we, as a community and organization, wants to do is to develop different technical and non-technical products so that the profit will be utilized for the welfare of nation. Suppose, Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) share his multi-billion dollars for society, how big impact that will bring? But nobody thinks for animals and society. The main causes of poverty are the use of machines and accumulation of wealth by few peoples. What if that accumulation comes down? What if the money of people is again utilized for their development? Krishna Kutumb wants to create every possible product (like ecommerce, ticket booking, clothes, FMCG etc.) slowly and removing the giants from the market. Our society needs money, and this is the only possible way.

We are not an NGO or some organization running on donations. We will be a highly profitable company whose complete profit will be utilized for spreading happiness among people and animals. This is our money and it should not go abroad.