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Guru Gorakhnath Chalisa Mp3 Song Download (Original)

You may download Guru Gorakhnath Chalisa Mp3 song from the below wizard –

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This is the beautiful chalisa sung by singer Shiv Nigam. This wizard will allow you to listen the best and original guru gorakhnath chalisa Aarti MP3 song on internet.

How Guru Gorakhnath Chalisa MP3 Song download will benefit you?

Guru Gorakhnath, also known as Goraksanatha, was the founder of Nath Monasteries and a number of temples in India. He is primarily known for his works in Hatha Yoga, Nath Yogi Organization, Gurkhas and Gorakhpur.

People says that guru ji is free from the bounds of time and space. Because of this, he takes birth in different forms in different eras. But this theory conflicts with other several justifications. Overall, Gorakhnath was the great teacher who taught the meaning of life and its ultimate goal. He was the master of Yoga and self determination which lead him to the perfection in Samadhi.

There are number of famous disciples and out of them some belonged to warrior clan. They promoted martial arts and fought against Islamic and British Colonial rule. One of the famous disciple of Guru Gorakhnath is Baba Jaharveer Goga Ji. Gorakhnath gave a fruit of guggal to queen Bacchal, who gave birth to Jaharveer.

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