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Ishardan Gadhvi Hanuman Chalisa Mp3 Song Download Free (Original)

Ishardan Gadhvi Hanuman Chalisa mp3 song download will allow you to listen the best Hanuman Chalisa on the internet. You can listen from below wizard –

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Lord Hanuman is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. Also you can check out Top 50 best hd Hanuman images which are trending in 2018.

Hanuman Chalisa is one of the most famous prayer in Hinduism. Being the symbol of greatest devotee in the world, Lord Hanuman give powers by encouraging us towards the right path. Where as, a god cannot appear in their physical form in this world, Lord Hanuman stays immortal to protect the world from the effects of Kaliyug. Hanuman Chalisa was written by Tulsidas ji.

How Ishardan Gadhvi Hanuman Chalisa mp3 song download will affect you?

Hanuman Chalisa acts as the driving force in human mind. The positive energy and the motivation we get from listening this, clears our mind and soul altogether. We get free from all the resistances and fears.

Ishardan Gadhvi Hanuman Chalisa mp3 song download will not take more than 20 seconds. It’s about 17 minutes in length.

Shri-Guru Charana Saroja-Raja,
Nija-Mana-Mukura Sudhaara |

Barannau Raghu-Bara Bimala Yasha,
Jo Daayaka Phala-Chaara ||

Buddhi-Heena Tanu Jaanike,
Sumirau Pavan Kumar |

Bala Buddhi-Vidhyaa Dehu Mohi,
Harahu Kalesha Vikaar ||


With the dust of the lotus feet of sri gurudeva, I clean the mirror of my mind.
I narrate the sacred glory of Sri Raghubir (Sri Rama Chandra), who bestows the four fruits of life (Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha).

Considering myself as ignorant, I meditate on you, O Pavan Kumar (Hanuman).
Bestow on me strength, wisdom and knowledge, and remove my afflictions and blemishes.

Hanuman ji won over all the demons, ghosts, goblins, evil spirits etc. Even there is a separate temple in Mehandipur Balaji to relieve people from supernatural troubles. Along with Hanuman ji, Baba Bhairavnath is also present there. When the effects of Kaliyug started bothering Hanuman ji, he warned it for its death but lord Shiva asked him to not to interfere in the activities of Kaliyug and help the mankind.

Bound in the promise, Hanuman ji felt helpless where Shiv ji sent Bhairavnath to assist him in fighting with Kaliyug and spreading the light of devotion. Bhairavnath is not a kind form of Lord Shiva and Kaliyug knew that. So it starting limiting its boundaries and we got a better world with the efforts of Hanuman ji, Bhairavnath and Tulsidas ji.

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