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Lohitang – A baby born from Shiva Tandava – Creation of Planet Mars

Promotion of Shiva Tandav and Birth of Lohitang

A dance teacher, Natyacharya, did an austerity of Shiva and asked a boon to let him learn Tandava. Shiva agreed and started teaching Tandava. Because of this, the world started burning.

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To compensate the effect of Shiva Tandav, Parvati stated dancing too. Soon everything turned normal but a baby took birth from the blood flow, sweat and sandalwood on Shiva’s forehead.

Mahadev gave him the name, Lohitang. Since the sweat dropped on ground, so mother earth wished to raise the baby. Shiva agreed but at the same time Andhak came and requested Earth to let him raise the baby as he lost his son, Adi.

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Earth agreed and Mahadev permitted too. Earth blessed Lohitang with the power of attraction, knowledge, extreme tolerance and self healing.

Shiva blessed Natyacharya as the teacher to promote Shiv Tandav in the world and gave him a name, Acharya Tandu.

Lohitang turned against Mahadev

The demons and Andhak’s wife misleaded Andhak to go against Mahadev. Andhak started training Lohitang and spreading poison for Shiva in his mind. Andhak saw that Lohitang wasn’t against Shiva so he planned to generate anger within him.

Narayan went into Yoga Nidra because it was dev Shayani Ekadashi. Andhak  went to Lakshmi and asked her to come with him to Patal Loka for the prosperity of Demons. He insisted her three times so she cursed him that his chest will get three wounds and he will have to bear the pain of it without dying.

Andhak tried to force Lakshmi where Shiva appeared and pierced him with his trident. With the force, he flew to a mountain and hung on the trident.

Andhak asked Lohitang to avenge his death. Lohitang vowed to take revenge from Mahadev.

Mahadev burned demon Tuhund

While a demon, Tuhund, did austerity and got boon from Brahma dev that he won’t get killed by the touch of Trinity God and deity. Also he won’t get killed by any kind of weapon.

Tuhund and Lohitang attacked heaven. They defeated Indra but when they tried to hurt him, Mahadev appeared and from the anger fire of his third eye, he burned the Tuhund down. Lohitang got afraid with the extreme powers of Shiva and ran from there. Indra won the fight.

Lohitang and Shankhchur

Shankhchur helped Lohitang by rescuing him from an attack. Lohitang was created from the positivity of dance of Shiva, so he had very strong intellectualism and character. Lohitang made Tulsi, wife of Shankhchur, his sister. Tulsi had the power of faithfulness and that’s why Shankhchur was very powerful.

Lohitang and Shankhchur decided to fight against deities together.

Lohitang Gathered Information about Mahadev

Afraid from Mahadev, Lohitang wasn’t able to generate courage to fight back. But when he heard about Trinity God and their dependence on each others, he got the idea that if he could stop one, others would stop too. He heard the story of Mata Anusuiya that how she turned Trinity Gods to infants with her powers of faithfulness.

Lohitang went to meet Pippalada, son of Rishi Dadhichi, to know more about Mahadev, so that he can defeat him. Pippalada taught him about trinity Gods and the stories behind Jyotirlingas.

From all 12 Jyotirlingas, he learned a lot about Mahadev.

  1. Baijnath Jyotirlinga – This was created by Ravana accidentally. Ganesha took the form of cowheard, Baiju. That’s why its known as Baijnath. From this story, Lohitang got the information that he can physically hurt the Jyotirlinga the same way as Ravana did.
  2. Somnath Jyotirlinga – Prajapati Daksha cursed Moon to decay but Shiva gave him shelter on His crest. That’s why it is known as Somnath (Som means Moon). From this story, Lohitang knew that Shiva can protect anybody from anything.
  3. Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga – Kartikeya created this and here lies the energies of both Shiva and Parvati. From this story, Lohitang knew the relationship between Shiva and his family.
  4. Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga – This linga was created by Shri Rama. Lohitang knew that Shiva adores Shri Rama. There is dependency between all trinity Gods.
  5. Ghushmeshwar Jyotirlinga – This was created by Ghushma, a devotee of Shiva. Through this story, Lohitang knew that Shiva can revive the dead ones.
  6. Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga – This was created by Vindhyachal mountain. Lohitang knew that the single source of energy of this universe is OM and all trinity Gods are connected to it.
  7. Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga – Story of Ujjaini and demon Dushan. Lohitang knew that Shiva always protects His devotees.
  8. Triyambakeshwar Jyotirlinga – Rishi Gautam created this linga in the city of Triyambak. This signifies the victory of righteousness.
  9. Nageshwar Jyotirlinga – A female demon Daruka created this linga. From this story Lohitang knew that Shiva considers everybody equal.
  10. Kedarnath Jyotirlinga – Created by Nar and Narayana.
  11. Bheemashankar Jyotirlinga – Created by Kamrupeshwar, a devotee of Shiva, in the kingdom of Bheema.
  12. Vishveshwar Jyotirlinga – This was created by Mahadev himself.

Delighted with all the information, Lohitang got the connection between Trintiy Gods. He knew that no body can fight them but they are dependent on each others.

He got the knowledge that they all respect the boons and curses of each others and divine peoples. He could also physically hurt the Jyotirlingas. Vishnu got the curse in his Narsimha incarnation and right now He is in deep sleep. He will surely respect this curse.

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Clever Lohitang joined all the dots and made a plan to cease Mahadev by attacking heaven with the help of Shankhchur and keeping Shiva busy there and at the same time, attacking Narayan with the help of Nigas, and swallowing Him. This way trinity will break and Mahadev will cease.

Nigas Swallowed Vishnu

According to his plan, Lohitang got successful in breaking the trinity. Nigas swallowed Vishnu.

Shankhchur defeated Indra and became the king of heaven. Lohitang was delighted with the success of his plans.

Without Vishnu, everything started destroying but Brahma dev evocate Dattatreya to take over the responsibilities of Vishnu. Soon Dattatreya appeared and assured everybody. He took the responsibility of moderation of world and Shiva got back from His penance.

Nigas and Shankhchur Slayed by Shiva

Lohitang was furious over the failure of his plans.

Mahadev killed Nigas and Narayan got back into the world. Dattatreya handed the duties back to Narayan.

Shankhchur attacked Kailash but got killed by Shiva. Tulsi cursed Narayana for breaking her faithfulness.

The fight of Music – Destruction by Shiva Tandava

When Lohitang saw the dead body of Tulsi, he started burning in pain and revenge.

The powerful Lohitang took the battle to its extreme. He learnt Shiva Tandav from Acharya Tandu and used his knowledge of music to hypnotize Shiva and made him do Tandav.

From the Tandav of Shiva and Lohitang, extreme destruction started in the world.

To compensate the effects of Lohitang’s music, Maa Saraswati, Narad Muni, Gandharv, Gana-Pret etc started playing peaceful music.

Shiva then started playing his Damru. The thunderous sound of Damru, dominated the music of everybody else and world got spell bounded with the melody.

Lohitang lost all his negativities, hatred and jealousy for Shiva after listing the music from Damru.

He then asked Shiva, Why his brother Andhak died? Why Shankhchur died? Why Tulsi died? What were their faults?

Shiva enlightened him with the facts of why Trinity Gods are not what he was thinking. Shiva informed him about the evil acts of Andhak and his bad sight over his mother, Parvati. About Shankhchur and Tulsi, Narayan told him about the curse and the need of their freedom.

Creation of Planet Mars

Lohitang was ashamed over his deeds and apologized for his acts. Shiva blessed him with a position in solar system. This Lohitang is the planet Mars.

Because of the tandav of Lohitang and Shiva, some negative energies remained and started creating new troubles in the form of Kronch, brother of Parvati and Ganga.

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