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Why Narad Muni keeps roaming in the universe?

Narad Muni was the Manas (psyche) son of Lord Brahma. He chose to be a celibate in the devotion of Narayana.

Lord Brahma appointed His another son, Daksha as prajapati (ruler of citizens). He gave him the responsibility to administer the work of the world and make rules.

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Daksha Cursed Narad Muni

Prajapati Daksha was distributing works among different people and found that his sons wanted to become celibates. When Daksha inquired, he found that Narad Muni asked them to do so.

His sons wanted to get peace and Moksha (freedom from the cycle of life and death), so Narad suggested them to become celibates. There were many other queries which could only be answered through celibacy.

Daksha wanted his sons to help him in creation and administration of the world but they all went to another path.

Daksha thought that because of this Narad, his sons will always wander and won’t find peace and comforts. So he cursed Devrishi Narad that like his sons, he will also keep roaming in the universe without settling for a long period. Although no one in Patal Loka, Mrityu Loka, Swarga Loka or Brahma Loka could prevent him from coming but he might not be welcomed. He will keep on roaming forever saying, “Narayana Narayana”.

Narad Muni accepted this curse as a boon for him because this way he will keep chanting the name of his adorable Shri Hari Narayana.

Because of this curse, Narad muni couldn’t stay for a long time at a single place. He acts as a messenger of Narayana and keep gathering latest information from all over the universe.

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Disappointed with his sons, Daksha then asked Saptarishis to marry his daughters. Rishi Attri was already married with Mata Anusuiya, so his son Moon got married with Revati and Rohini.

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