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Andhak – Blind Demon Born from Sweat of Shiva and Parvati

Once Parvati closed the eyes of Shiva with her hands. The whole world turned dark. To remove the darkness, third eye of Shiva opened and spread light in the universe.

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A drop of sweat fall from the forehead of Shiva after touching the hands of Parvati and mixing with her sweat.

Birth of Andhak

The drop turned into a baby. He was born because of the closed eyes of Shiva, so he was a complete evil having darkness in life. He was blind with eyes and character both.

Andhak was born from sweat and sweat contains impurities. That’s why he was a threat for this world.

King Hrinya raised the kid. Shiva asked Shukracharya to become his teacher. He also asked Shukracharya to protect him from everybody, even from Shiva, Himself. Shukracharya raised the kid and tried to remove darkness from his mind but he was destined to be dark. He was principles less, ambitious, and agitated.

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Andhak did an austerity of Brahma dev and asked darkness as boon. He asked better hearing senses and death only when he will choose light over darkness.

Andhak’s Bad Sight on Parvati

Andhak wanted to marry Parvati. To get her from Shiva, he attacked on Kailash. A war began between Kailash and Andhak. Shukracharya protected him from everybody.

Shiva joined the war and Shukracharya stopped him. Shukracharya, being a disciple of Shiva, didn’t want to attack on Mahadev. He asked Mahadev to attack on him but Mahadev refused because likewise he can’t attack his disciple too.

Then Mahadev enlightened Shukracharya by saying, “I can’t attack my disciple, you can’t attack your teacher but you can attack me to protect your disciple.

Shukracharya attacked Shiva and used all his weapons and Shiva defended. Shukracharya said, “According to your wish, I am protecting Andhak and till I am in this battlefield, I won’t let you hurt him“.

Then Shiva swallowed Shukracharya and called Veerbhadra to fight with Andhak. Veerbhadra attacked but couldn’t kill him. Kali joined the fight.

Andhak took many forms and both Veerbhadra and Kali fought and killed all except the real Andhak. Watching the destruction and death nearby, Andhak got frightened and repented for his deeds.

The darkness came out and tried to provoke Andhak but this time he cleaved the eyes of darkness and made it blind. He chose light over darkness. According to the boon, he could be killed only when he chose light and it was the moment.

Kali and Veerbhadra tried to kill Andhak but he prayed Mahadev for forgiveness and Mahadev interfered the fight and saved him. Shiva then enlightened Andhak to do welfare of this world and gave him eyes. Andhak went to Patal Loka. He gave birth to a son named Adi.

While Shiva was enlightening Andhak, Kali left the battlefield and started destroying the world.

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Andhak Became Andhakeshwar Mahadev

Andhak raised Lohitang and found that he was not against Mahadev. So to provoke him, Andhak went to Mata Lakshmi and asked her to come with him in Patal Loka for the prosperity of demons. He insisted three times so Lakshmi cursed him that his chest will get pierced with three holes and he will have to hang on trident and bear the pain till death.

He still tried to force Lakshmi, so Mahadev came and hit him with trident. With the force, he flew and got hung on trident at the top of the hill.

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Later when Lohitang ended his fight with Shiva and apologized for his acts, he asked Mahadev to forgive Andhak and release him from pain.

Shiva converted the body of Andhak into Shiva Linga which is known as Andhakeshwar Mahadev.

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