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Dhumavati – Widow form of Parvati | Khandova Mahadev

To save the world from the destruction of twin aghori brothers, Malla and Mani, Parvati took new birth as Mahalsa in Maharashtra and Shiva took the form of Martand. Mahalsa vowed to kill Malla and Mani.

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Dhumavati – Parvati Swallowed Shiva

Mahalsa killed Mani but Malla reminded her of her promise and called Kali. Shiva tried to kill Malla but Kali came and swallowed Shiva.

She immediately turned into a widow form. This form is known as Dhumavati.

Everybody tried to convince Dhumavati to release Shiva and protect this world from destruction. Because without Shiva there will be nothing.

She was not listening of anybody because she was emotionless in this form. Then Narad called Narayana who is the moderator and Mayapati of this world.

Narayana woke up from his deep sleep which he took after the incidence of Vrinda. He appeared and reminded Dhumavati about all the happy and sad incidences of her life with Shiva.

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He then hurt her feelings by realizing her deeds of swallowing her own husband and the father of this universe. She burst into tears and her emotions broke down. She went into universe and cried so loudly that whole universe started shaking. Planets were destroying and started entering into Dhumavati.

Deities along with Narayana considered it the end of universe. To temporarily stop the destruction, Narayana stopped the time.

Shiva then spiritually talked with Dhumavati and realized her mistakes. He reminded her that she is not only Kali or Parvati or Durga, but she is nature and above all she is a mother of this world. Just to fulfill one promise, she broke her duties. She forgot male, she forgot nature. Because of her the world was on the verge of destruction. By swallowing him, she fulfilled the duty of Kali but broke the duties of AdiShakti, nature and mother. A duty is well only when the result and mission are well.

Dhumavati apologized for her mistakes but Shiva said He is helpless because he himself is not free. Then Shiva remembered Narayana.

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Narayana called Lakshmi and they both sung a prayer in paise of motherhood of AdiShakti. In between his prayer, He unpaused time. The motherhood of Adishakti took over all other forms and emotions and world started revolving. Destruction stopped and Narayana once again saved the world. With motherhood, Shiva got released and Dhumavati turned back into Mahalsa.

Khandova Mahadev – The Slayer of Malla

After all this incidence, Narayana took the whole situation in his hands. He took a man form whose name was Pradhan. Pradhan went to reason with Malla and tried to explain that he should surrender but he refused to understand.

Malla and his Aghoris started the war with Mahalsa, Martand, Pradhan and the villagers. Martand Bhairav killed Malla with a Khand. This form is also known as Khandova, the slayer of Malla.

Mahalsa and Martand got married. Shiva blessed the place with his Shiv linga and his presence forever. This place is in Jinjhuri, Maharashtra. The Shiv linga is known as Khandova Mahadev.

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