Bahuchar Maa Ni Aarti MP3 Song Download Free (Original) ♫♫ - Krishna Kutumb

Bahuchar Maa Ni Aarti MP3 Song Download Free (Original) ♫♫

You may download Bahuchar Maa Ni Aarti Mp3 song from the below wizard –

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This is the beautiful aarti sung by singer Vinod Rathod. This wizard will allow you to listen the best and original Bahuchar Maa Ni Aarti MP3 song on internet.

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How Bahuchar Maa Ni Aarti MP3 Song download will benefit you?


Bahuchar Maa was the daughter of charan caste. She was the warrior. One day her caravan was passing from a road where a marauder named Bapiya tried to molest her sisters. With anger, she cursed him of impotency and also cut off her breast and lost femininity.  Bapiya shivered with fear and asked for redemption. Bahuchar Maa told him to worship her after dressing like a women. This was the punishment for molesting a woman.

Bahuchar Maa Ni Aarti will benefit you by providing power, courage and freedom from fear. She is primarily revered by Kinnar society. It is believed that her grace could lead them to the freedom from Hijra form. It is also believed that making her angry could lead the pain for all 7 births.

Her temple is located in Mehsana district of Gujarat. She is the goddess of chastity and fertility and believed to be an incarnation of Shakti.

She is displayed to be mounted on rooster which signifies the innocence. Her three hands carries sword, book, trident and fourth hand is in Abhay Mudra. She awakens the Kundalini Shakti and provides peace and salvation. Hence Bahuchar Maa is considered to be the provider of Moksha.

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