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Lakulesh – A devotee who could scold Shiva | Bhairavi form of Adi Shakti

Lakulesh was a great devotee of Shiva. He was so great that he could even scold and love his adorable God without being afraid. If you are into Shiva, He will accept everything like a friend, father and brother.

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Lakulesh Met Shiva

Lakulesh was in austerity from centuries. He didn’t know anything about family of Shiva. For him, Shiva was a celibate only.

After waking up from his austerity, Lakulesh went to a palace where people were praying Shiva. Since he didn’t have food from centuries, king of palace gave him offerings of prayer (prasad) to eat.

Lakulesh took his food and went to the idol of Shiva. He separated the idol of Parvati from Mahadev and tried to feed Him. When idol didn’t eat, he started scolding it.

Lakulesh said, “Eat, my Shiva, or I will beat you“. After listening this people got furious and started beating him.

Shiva took the form of sage, Bhola, and rescued Lakulesh. He presented himself as the follower of Lakulesh and asked king to stop beating a great devotee.

King said that Lakulesh is insane. He tried to hurt the idol of Shiva but Bhola called it an act of pure devotion. While Lakulesh tried to feed idol again and this time it ate. King felt very sorry and respectfully departed Lakulesh. Bhola helped him by giving “Mansarovar water”.

Lakulesh then went to Kailash to meet Shiva. Mahadev delightfully welcomed him and separated Ganga and Moon from his crest because Lakulesh didn’t know anything about them.

When Lakulesh saw Parvati, Ganesha and Kartikeya, he started opposing them. Shiva informed him about Parvati and His family.

Lakulesh refused to understand. For him, Shiva was a celibate and He can’t be a family man.

Disappointed Lakulesh left Kailash in search of real Shiva. When he didn’t find one, he tried to kill himself.

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Changing Time Cycle for Lakulesh

To save His dear devotee, Shiva went on reversing time cycle. This way Shiva would bring the time of Sati back when Lakulesh went into austerity.

Shiva was ready to bear extreme pain of Sati’s incidence one again. Narayana tried to expostulate Shiva but He wanted Lakulesh to be happy at any cost and hence started His austerity for reversing time.

Parvati took the Bhairavi form, which is the main center of powers of AdiShakti. She asked permission with Shiva to let her expostulate Lakulesh once. Shiva agreed.

Devi Bhairavi took Lakulesh to the cave where Shiva was doing his austerity and showed him the skull necklace.

The Time Series Mystery

Shiva broke austerity and enlightened Lakulesh –

I am your Shiva, the way you see me. I am Narayana’s Shiva, the way he sees me. I am different in the ways someone sees me. Why are you trying to destroy someone else’s Shiva?

When there was nothing, I was there and when there will be nothing, I will still be there. I am, what is, I am also what is not. You can’t define me. You can’t confine me.

I am celibate, I am household. The law of nature is to change and I changes too, but I do not change.

I am Shiva.

Shiva then told him the time series mystery. How this universe got created? How He became a celibate? Whose skull necklace He wears during austerity? How he married with Sati and then Parvati? And how a complete Shiva is incomplete without Shakti?

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Lakulesh got the whole truth completely. Shiva is what anybody sees. He felt sorry for his acts and went for austerity for his remained life. Mahadev farewell his dear devotee with heavy heart.

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