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Baba Ramdevpir Alakhdhani Ni Aarti MP3 Song Download Free (Original) ♫♫

You may download Baba Ramdevpir Alakhdhani ni Aarti Mp3 song from the below wizard –

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This is the beautiful aarti sung by singer Kanti Thakor. This wizard will allow you to listen the best and original Baba Ramdevpir Alakhdhani ni Aarti MP3 song on internet.

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How Baba Ramdevpir Alakhdhani Ni Aarti MP3 Song download will benefit you?


Baba Ramdevpir is a folt deity in Rajasthan and Gujarat who devoted his entire 33  years of life for uplifting the status of poor and downtrodden. This aarti will benefit you by strengthening your inner senses and charge you with the grace of Ramdev ji.

He is also known as Ramsha pir and commonly popular by this name in Muslims. Once pirs of Mecca came to test the divinity of Ramdev ji. They heard a lot about the glory and extraordinary miracles of him which made them to test the truth. They came to his kingdom where he offered them food. But pirs refused because they only eat in their vessels, known as “Seepi”, which they left in Mecca. But Ramdev ji was firm in their beliefs and principles. He couldn’t let any guest leave empty stomach from his kingdom. Soon a magic happened and their vessels were in front of them. After experiencing such divinity, pirs decided to stay with him and gave him the position of supreme pir with a new name, Ramsha Pir. Even there are 5 samadhis of all the five pirs along with Ramdevpir ji.

It is considered that he is the incarnation of Vishnu who took birth in the kingdom of Ajmal. King Ajmal was childless who went to Dwarka to meet Shri Krishna and pleaded to bless him with a child. Shri Krishna assured him that he will be born as his child.

There are several stories and out of them, one is related to a toy horse. Once, when he was a kid, he demanded a horse toy from his father. King Ajmal gave some sandalwood and clothes to a toy maker and ordered to make a beautiful horse from them. Toy maker cheated and used old clothes for it and wrapped them inside a new cloth. He gave all the new clothes to his wife. When he gave the toy to Ramdev ji, he sat on the horse and disappeared. King Ajmal was frightened and threatened the toy maker. Soon, he came back and told everybody that toy maker cheated with them. When toy maker repented and apologized, Ramdev ji accepted the horse and forgave him. So there is a tradition of offering the wooden horse wrapped in clothes in the temple.

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