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How this universe got created? Story of Shiva and Sati

This story starts from the time when there was nothing except darkness. From OM, which can’t be defined, an infinitely long fire pillar got created. This pillar was Shiva.

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From Shiva, an attractive man got incarnated. That was Vishnu. From the naval of Vishnu, a lotus blossomed and Brahma took birth from it.

How Shiva became celibate?

To create this universe, Brahma requested Shiva to separate his female element. Shiva separated nature from himself. But after separation, nature lacked the Shiva element and got far from Him. Mahadev couldn’t bear the pain and abandoned His duties and became a celibate.

Selection of Prajapati

For administration of the world, Narayan and Brahma wanted to appoint someone. They started the selection of Prajapati between Daksha and Angira Rishi.

Narayan told them that Shiva abandoned his duties for this world. He became a celibate and went into nature. He will not participate in the creation of this world. Till He is not married, the duties will need to be fulfilled by Prajapati.

Daksha won the competition and became Prajapati. Angira was jealous. Daksha took blessings from Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv linga (because Shiva wasn’t there). Shiva blessed him from forests.

Shiva then went to a crematorium and bathe in the ashes. The goblins and ghosts joined Him.

Administration of Daksha

Prajapati Daksha distributed work among peoples. He made rules and regulations to create the foundation of disciplined society.

His sons didn’t contribute in his efforts because of Narad Muni, so he cursed him.

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Daksha then married his daughters with Saptarishis.

He wrote Daksha Sahinta which was a rule book demonstrating the tasks for different sections of society. He classified people in the name of castes and restricted their areas of works.

Shiva was always against such discrimination and distribution, but never interfered because he devoted himself for nature and animals.

Adi Shakti took birth as Daksha’s daughter

Brahma found that without Mahadev the things weren’t going the way they should be. So He asked Daksha to pray AdiShakti and become a medium of union of Shiva and Shakti. This way Mahadev would leave his celibacy and involve in the activities of creation. Daksha started an austerity of AdiShakti so that she will become his daughter.

Brahma dev got impatient and didn’t wait for the austerity of Daksha to get completed. He thought that provoking Shiva will force Him to join the world. So He started Veda prayer in which one of his head was insulting Vedas. Mahadev got furious and cut that head with his trident.

Daksha got boon from AdiShakti that she will become his daughter. A girl was born who he loved a lot and gave name, Sati.

When Daksha came to know about the incidence of cutting head of Brahma by Shiva, he got furious and started disliking Him. He made rules to stop the prayers of Shiva in the world.

How Shiva Reached Kailash and Found Nandi?

After roaming in the entire world, Shiva reached Kailash and made it his place of austerity. The goblins and ghosts followed him and started staying there.

After many years, Shiva woke up from His austerity and found a bull. Bull started living on Kailash with Him.

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In this time, Shiva was silent and in grief. Without nature, he was in pain and anger. He was burning inside from pain of separation and anger of nature forgotten him. It was a fight of love, pain and anger.

Lots of emotions ran into him which collectively made Shiva look like Shava (corpse). Shiv Shakti Viheen, Shava.

With vacant heart and alone life, Shiva made a damru from rags and started playing it. The whole world blossomed from the music.

How Shiva got attached with the world again?

Sati grew up and interacted with Mahadev many times. This comforted Mahadev a little. Then Vishnu and Brahma used their energies and combine with the energies of Shiva to take them out from their inconsistent state. Shiva got their appearance back but He was full of loneliness and vacancy.

Vasuki Met Shiva

Vasuki, snake, son of rishi Kashyap, who prajapati declared a lower clan in his regulations, came to meet Sati. Prajapati got furious over Vasuki but Vasuki asked to permit him to meet Shiva. Daksha agreed.

Shiva, who has no values for ridiculous rules and regulations which creates differences in society and are the core reasons for discrimination, gave Vasuki the equal respect as any other creature. Vasuki was delighted with the behavior of Shiva and praised Him from the bottom of his heart.

Fight between Narayana and Shiva

To bring an attached Shiva from unattached Shiva, Narayana created a scene where he fought with Shiva and raised His anger to the level where He hurt Narayana with His trident.

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Daksha cursed Shiva

To insult Mahadev, Daksha invited Him to a meeting of Saptarishi, sages, deities and demons. He informed everyone that the purpose of meeting is to end the enmity with Shiva.

When Shiva came, Daksha cursed Him that He will not be worshiped just like his father, Brahma.

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Marriage of Sati with Shiva

Daksha was furious because Shiva cut one of the head of Brahma and also cursed him that he will never be worshiped.

Although Sati was the Adi Shakti, who was destined to marry Shiva, Daksha tried to keep her away from Mahadev in every possible way. But nature always brought Shiva in front of Sati.

In the end, Sati got married with Shiva and whole universe got delighted.

Sati Made a Mistake

Sati wasn’t the complete form of Adi Shakti. She was arrogant and had materialistic desires. Along with that she was attached with human relationships and was stubborn.

Once she asked Shiva about what He thinks when He meditates. Shiva replied that He always thinks about Shri Rama. Sati wanted to know more about Rama and Shiva described her the whole character of Him.

Sati wasn’t satisfied and considered Rama as an ordinary human being. She wanted to test him. Shiva warned her to not try to insult His adorable God. But she was stubborn. She went without informing Shiva and took the form of Sita.

Rama was worshiping Shiva. He saw Sati in the disguise of Sita and recognized her in a sight.

Sati realized her mistake and went to Kailash. Shiva was furious over Sati and He mentally set distance with her.

Isolation of Sati and Shiva

Once Daksha organized a Yajna where he invited all the deities, sages, humans, Narayana and Brahma. Only Mahadev and Sati wasn’t invited in that Yajna.

Sati, with full of desires and worldly ambitions, insisted Mahadev to join Yajna. Shiva refused to go since He wasn’t invited and one should not go anywhere without invitation.

Sati was stubborn and arrogant. She went alone to the yajna. Daksha insulted Mahadev in front of her which she couldn’t tolerate. She already disregarded her husband by coming to yajna against His wish.

Sati was in pain and burned herself in the fire of yajna.

When Shiva got the news, He lost his control and sent Veerbhadra to kill Daksha and anybody who’ll come in his path.

Veerbhadra created devastation and finally cut off the head of Daksha and put that into yajna fire.

Daksha revived with goat head

All deities, Narayana and Brahma reached Mahadev and consoled Him. Shiva went to the yajna and brought the dead body of Sati back. He also revived Daksha by giving Him a head of goat.

Daksha lost all his arrogance and misconceptions about Mahadev. He left his duties of prajapati and went for the austerity of Shiva in Kashi.

Shiva was furious over the death of Sati. He hanged the body of Sati on his trident and started doing Tandav.

Narayana was worried about the outcome of Tandav for the world. He knew that Shiva is attached with the dead body of Sati and till it is with Him, He won’t get out of pain.

So, Narayana ordered His Sudarshan Chakra to cut the body into pieces and spread throughout the earth. As soon as the body parts dropped, Mahadev went for searching them.

These body parts got converted into ShaktiPeeth. A bhairav of Shiva always protects them.

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