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Vajra – Why Rishi Dadhichi Donated his Bones to Make Mighty Weapon?

Revenge of Vrittrasur

A demon Trishira was doing an austerity of Shiva. Insecured Indra came there and thought that Trishira might ask his throne from Mahadev as a boon. So he killed him during penance.

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Mahadev got furious and opened his third eye to burn Indra but he fall into His feet and apologized. Then Shiva placed His anger fire deep into the ocean. This gave birth to Jalandhar.

Boon of Vrittrasur

Vrittrasur was the brother of Trishira who did hard austerity of Brahma dev and got the boon of not getting killed by any weapon made up of metal, wood, water and stone. He also can’t be killed during daytime or night time.

Vrittrasur Attacked Heaven

Jalandhar asked Vrittrasur to take revenge of the death of his brother from Indra. Vrittrasur attacked Indra and defeated his whole army alone.

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Dadhichi Rishi Donated his Bones

All the deities discussed about the solution of Vrittrasur. They knew that he can’t be killed by any kind of weapons available in the world.

Selfish Indra went to Mahadev who was in the Ashram of Dadhichi Rishi at that moment. He described the situation and requested Shiva to help him in getting rid from a powerful demon like Vrittrasur.

Rishi Dadhichi heard the conversation and assured Indra. He reminded him that his bones are made up of Vajra (thunderbolt). He will sacrifice his life and will donate his bones for the welfare of this world.

Dadhichi left his body and Indra made a weapon from the bones. This mighty and powerful weapon was the Vajra. Indra attacked Vrittrasur with it and killed him.

Why Dadhichi Rishi’s Bones were Made of Vajra?

Once Vrittrasur attacked Sati and Dadhichi rishi protected her from him. In the fight, Vrittrasur broke all the bones of Dadhichi.

Shiva thanked Dadhichi for his bravery and blessed him with the bones of hardest element possible on earth.

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