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Why Parvati Cursed Bhairav? Story of the guard of Kailash

After getting the boon from Mahadev, Banasur found that his thousand arms were not in his control. So he asked Mahadev to come with him to his kingdom. Mahadev agreed and ordered Bhairav to guard Kailash in his absence.

Bhairav took the order as the right to create rules against independence on roaming. He started opposing everybody including Parvati, Nandi, Ganesh, Kartikeya and Gana-Pret.

Bhairav didn’t understand that Kailash is free from any fear or trouble. Even he opposed deities to enter into Kailash and prevented the residents of Kailash to exit from it.

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Parvati wanted to meet Shiva in the kingdom of Banasur but Bhairav didn’t allow. She tried to explain him but he refused to listen in the name of security.

Parvati got furious and cursed him that if he is such a good guard then he deserves to be a human for guarding them on earth for centuries.

Bhairav became human and came to earth. When Shiva came back and got the information of Bhairav, He immediately went to meet him.

Shiva enlightened him with what he did wrong. In life, sometimes, we all takes our responsibilities as the rights to snatch freedom of others. We thought that we are doing our duties but we forget who we are serving. Bhairav had to protect Kailash from intruders but he was setting rules for the residents of Kailash.

Shiva blessed Bhairav with a boon that He will take birth as Mahesh and Parvati as Sharda and they all will live together.

Bhairav then started guarding the Shaktipeeths.

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