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Why Shiva Gave Sanjeevani Vidhya to Shukracharya?

Rishi Durvasa Cursed Indra

There is a story behind Sanjeevani Vidhya of Shukracharya. Once Rishi Durvasa went into the kingdom of Indra and gave him a flower which he brought from Narayana. Indra immediately passed it to his servant as if it had no value for him. The servant carelessly dropped and put feet over it. Due to the arrogance and selfishness of Indra, Rishi Durvasa cursed him and all the three worlds to get devoid of wealth and prosperity. Lakshmi went deep into the ocean. Deities were helpless and weak. It was the need of hour to bring back Devi Lakshmi.

Indreshwar Mahadev - Krishna KutumbStory of curse on Indra because of which he left his kingdom and lived in caves.

Samudra Manthan

Deities met with the demon king Bali and decided to organize a Samudra Manthan. Mandhaar Parvat was used as roller and Sheshnag as rope. Deities and Demons started rolling but sea wasn’t able to handle the weight of mountain.

Narayana took the form of tortoise and hold the mountain on his back.

From the sea a variety of items, jewels, nymphs, demigods, divine animals and weapons came out. Most of them were distributed among deities.

Along with all these items, Nectar and Poison came out too. Shiva drank the poison and hold it in His neck. His neck turned blue and that’s why He is known as NeelKanth.

How Shiva Gave Sanjeevani Vidhya to Shukracharya?

For the nectar, both deities and demons started fighting. Narayana took Mohini form and asked both communities to line up and get nectar in series.

She started offering nectar to deities first. A demon, Rahu, thought that nectar will finish till it’ll reach demons, so he disguised into a deity and mixed with them. He drank the nectar and got caught by Sun and Moon.

Narayana cut his head with Sudarshan but he didn’t die. His head became Rahu and body became Ketu. Narayana stopped offering nectar to all.

Shukracharya was worried with the whole incident. He went to Shiva and asked for justice.

He said that deities cheated first by giving the head side of Sheshnag to demons during Samudra Manthan. Because of the fire from the head of snake, demons kept burning the whole time. Now deities got the nectar and demons not. That’s complete injustice. This way deities won’t let demons live in peace.

To make the balance in the world, Shiva offered Sanjeevani Vidhya to Shukracharya with which he could revive the dead demons.

So, deities couldn’t die because of nectar and demons could be revived because of Sanjeevani Vidhya.

Jalandhar - Demon born from anger fire of third eye of Shiva - Krishna KutumbHow Shukracharya got the position in planets and days of the week? The story of disciple of Shiva.

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