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Ghushmeshwar Jyotirlinga – Story of Ghushma and Sudeha

Ghushmeshwar Jyotirlinga is situated in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

There was a Brahmin Sudharm who lived with his wife Sudeha. They were the devotees of Shiva. They lived a comfortable life with prosperity but the only thing they didn’t have, was a son.

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Sudeha asked Sudharm to marry her younger sister Ghushma so that they will be blessed with the joy of a child. Sudharm agreed and married with Ghushma.

Ghushma was very kind, gentle, compassionate and a selfless devotee of Shiva. Because of her good attitude and behavior, she came closer to her husband.

After some time, Ghushma gave birth to a son whose name was Sukarm. Both Sudharm and Ghushma were happily raising the son but Sudeha felt neglected.

Sukarm got young and they did his marriage. Sudeha was jealous of everything and one day she killed Sukarm and drowned his body in a river.

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Foundation of Ghushmeshwar Jyotirlinga

From the death of her son, Ghushma went into deep sorrow but she didn’t stop her prayers. The villagers captured Sudeha for her evil act and wanted to punish her.

After listening the prayers of Ghushma, Shiva appeared and asked her, how she want Sudeha to be punished for her deeds.

Ghushma was kind and had no enmity for anybody. She understood the position of her sister Sudeha and the circumstances under which she did such gruesome act.

Ghushma requested Shiva to forgive her sister and give her one more chance to improve and repent her mistakes.

Shiva was delighted with the kindness and forgiveness of Ghushma. He asked her to ask a boon.

Ghushma asked the prosperity  and the presence of Shiva in the village to free people from the evils like possessiveness and other sins.

Ghushma could have asked the life of her son, but she asked the welfare of village. Glad with the devotion and selflessness of Ghushma, Shiva revived her son.

Shiva made his Jyotirlinga there and named it in the name of Ghushma. This Jyotirlinga is known as Ghushmeshwar Jyotirlinga.

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