PishachMochaneshwar Mahadev

Pishachmochaneshwar Mahadev – The story of Jeevak

In the city of Varanasi, there lived a devotee of Shiva named Jeevak. He used to serve his temple and pray Shiva. There was one more brahmin, Brihath, who used to sing songs in the devotion of Mahadev.

Jeevak was jealous of Brihath because all the devotees used to respect Brihath more than Jeevak. Brihath always used to pray without any expectations while Jeevak wanted to get respected as a great devotee of Shiva.

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Jeevak became Ghoul

One day Jeevak killed Brihath in jealousy by drowning him into a pond. Because of this, Brihath cursed him to become a ghoul. Jeevak immediately became a ghoul and started spending his time near that pond.

One day Jeevak found a merchant. He arouse the greediness in the merchant and converted him in a ghoul too. Jeevak thought why not make a community of ghouls by arousing negativeness like hatred, greed, lust, competitiveness and sins within the people?

Soon a number of people got added to his community of ghouls. To stop the spreading of ghouls, Shiva took the form of sage and enlightened Jeevak.

Pishachmochaneshwar Mahadev

Jeevak understood his mistake and asked for redemption. Shiva appeared in his true form and freed the ghouls from their class.

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Jeevak requested Mahadev to bless the place with his energies. So Shiva created a linga which is known as Pishachmochaneshwar Mahadev.

PishachMochaneshwar Mahadev - Krishna Kutumb

Those who will pray at this Linga, will get free from the class of ghouls. But Mahadev also taught the world that praying alone won’t help you. To get freedom, one need to seek improvements within themselves.

A ghoul is a being who finds happiness in the pains of others. If you feel bad by the success of others, you are in the beginning stage of being ghoul. If you try to stop others in their success, you are in the middle stage and If you harm others and enjoy their pains then you already became a ghoul.

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