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Loknath – An Incarnation of Pashupatinath

With the time, the world lost humanity and kindness towards animals. To enlighten this world with the importance of animals, Pashupatinath Shiva took the form of Loknath.

Manika – Protector of Animals

There was a king named Arivardhan. Under the influence of fake priests, he used to sacrifice animals in his yajna for the welfare of his kingdom.

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Manika was the minister in the kingdom of Arivardhan. He was the devotee of Shiva and protector of animals.

Arivardhan asked Manika to bring 10,000 horses for their army. Manika knew that most of the horses will be sacrificed. In sorrow and grief, he went to find horses. In the whole journey he was thinking about the ways to save those poor animals.

Manika Met Loknath

Manika saw a man enlightening people with the importance of animals in this world. His name was Loknath and he was famous for his art of talking with animals.

Manika requested Loknath to help him in saving the poor horses. Loknath agreed and asked him to come the next day.

King’s Conspiracy Against Loknath

King ordered one of the minister to conspire against Loknath and prove him fake.

Minister came with a farmer and asked Loknath that a cow has swallowed the necklace of that farmer and she need to be killed. Loknath told them that he will ask the cow about it.

With wet eyes, Loknath informed everybody that it is true. Cow has swallowed the necklace because if she didn’t, her master would have died.

Farmer started crying because the cow belonged to him and he himself made her swallow the necklace. The minister forced him to do so. To save her master from the minister, cow swallowed the necklace.

Farmer told everybody about the conspiracy of king and minister against Loknath. Minister felt sorry and became a follower of Loknath.

King Arivardhan was furious over Loknath and called him in his court. Loknath enlightened him about animals and the sins he did by killing so many animals till that day. Arivardhan realized his mistakes and banned animal sacrifice forever.

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