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Grihapati – Incarnation of Shiva | Slaying of Durgasur

There was a sage named Vishwanath. He and his wife, Suchismati, were doing a hard austerity of Shiva from a long time in Kashi. They were very sad because they had no child.

Shiva was happy with the prayers of Vishwanath and decided to grant his wish. When Shiva appeared, Vishwanath asked a son like him.

They wanted a boy with deep intellectual thinking, vast knowledge, brave, calm and with all the qualities which Shiva possesses. They actually wanted Shiva to be their son.

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Mahadev blessed them with their desired boon and got converted into a boy named Grihapati. He started living with them in their hut.

VIshwanath and Suchismati were delighted to get a boy with superior intelligence. They liked to talk, feed and provide comforts of their level to the boy.

On the other hand, Parvati and other residents of Kailash were sad without Shiva.

Attack of Durgasur

Durgasur was a powerful demon. He saw Grihapati in the house of Vishwanath and attacked him. Parvati came for the rescue and slayed Durgasur by taking her Durga form.

Vishwanath understood that its not wise to keep Shiva. He is the God of this world and should not be kept away from nature. Parvati requested Vishwanath to release Mahadev from his promise.

Vishwanath released Shiva with heavy heart. The couple wished for a son and Shiva made their life happy and complete. Without Shiva they would be heart broken.

Mahadev then enlightened them with the right procedures to fulfill their wish. There are numerous orphaned children in this world who needs love and caring from the parents like them. Shiva resides inside every child of this world. The proper nurturing and education can generate intellectualism and wisdom among anyone.

Always remember, If a child smiles it means Shiva is smiling. Instead of praying for a child, one should consider adopting an orphan and build up his or her life.

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