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Aghor form of Shiva | Tantra Darshan Shastra | Bagulamukhi Devi

When Shiva was enlightening Andhak, Kali left the field and started the destruction. Shiva tried to stop Kali but this time it went useless. Some Tantrik kept Kali in anger through their tantra mantra.

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Shiva had no other option left and he did what he never wanted to do. He took the Aghor form. From the power of his tantra, He calmed Kali down. She converted back into Parvati.

Parvati Turned into Bagulamukhi Devi

The terrible thing was that Tantriks and Aghoris got the knowledge of controlling Kali when Shiva used it in Aghor form. The science of tantra got leaked.

Aghoris started killing people as sacrifice for Kali and started offering blood. Parvati was in the state that a little anger could push her into Kali form and Aghoris would use her powers.

Aghoris used their tantra to provoke Parvati. Two demons tried to capture Her and this gave birth to a new form which is related to Tantra –

Tu-vashikarini, Shatrubuddhinashini, Tu-pitambaradevi, Tu-brahmastrarupani, Bagulamukhi devi.

Bagulamukhi devi cut the tongue of the demon.

With the help of Tantra vidhya, this Bagulamukhi devi is used to destroy enemies. Even evils use this art against good. The terrible of which Shiva was worried, happened and spread throughout the world.

Malla and Mani – Twin Aghori Brothers

Malla and Mani, two Aghori brothers, used tantra darshan shastra and with the help of Shiva mantras, provoked Parvati and turned her into Kali.

They controlled and captured her in the instrument in their cave. They got the powers of Kali and she gave them boon of protection.

Malla and Mani wanted to convert the world into a large crematorium. They started gathering Aghoris and misleading them.

Shiva immediately took Aghor form and enlightened all with the true meaning of being an Aghori.

An Aghori is someone who is free from the fear of life and death. Who has no desires for respect and no care for disrespect. A true Aghori is someone who sacrifice arrogance & materialism and not some living being.

Shiva then invented an instrument to hold the power of Kali so that no one in the world could use those powers ever in future for evil acts. He placed the instrument in galaxy and whole world gets the power of Shakti now.

Parvati took new birth as Mahalsa.

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