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20 Facts You Don’t Know About Lord Shiva

Here are the 20 facts you probably don’t know about lord Shiva.

Fact 1: Narayan Strangled Shiva

Once Mahadev and Narayana fought with each other where Narayana strangled the neck of Shiva with his hand. In defense, Mahadev hit him with his trident.

Actually the story was related to the dejection of Shiva from the creation of life. When Brahma asked Shiva to separate his female element for the creation of this world, Shakti got separated and lost the wisdom of male element. Without the female element Mahadev became a celibate.

To bring back Mahadev, both Narayan and Brahma tried a number of things. Even Brahma dev insulted vedas to infuse the emotion of anger inside Shiva and got succeeded in that but the result wasn’t favorable. In anger, Mahadev cut one of his head with trident and remained dejected.

Narayan knew that Shiva adores him. So he asked garud to attack all the snakes on earth. Since Mahadev is pashupatinath, he will surely come to rescue. As expected, Mahadev appeared to save Vasuki and was about to kill garud but Vishnu came and stopped him.

Vishnu challenged Shiva for a fight and they both started a war. Narayan knew that the war won’t end this way so he did something so shocking that Mahadev got extremely furious. He STRANGLED Shiva with his hand.

In anger, Mahadev hit him with trident and as soon as Vishnu got hurt, Shiva went into sorrow and hidden emotions of losing his female element and hurting his adorable came out in the form of tears. Narayan finally succeeded in bringing the unattached Shiva into the attached world of mankind.

Due to strangling, the fingers got printed on his neck and due to this he got the name, Shitikanth. Also Vishnu always holds the mark of trident on his chest.

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