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20 Facts You Don’t Know About Lord Shiva

Fact 11: Bholenath Wears Skin of Elephant

Along with tiger skin, bholenath wears the skin of elephant too. This is because a demon Kriti, in the disguise of elephant, requested Shiva to wear his skin. That’s why Mahadev is also known by the name, Kritivas which means one who resides in Kriti.

Fact 12: Demons from Shiva

The third eye is the energy source of meditation, yoga, knowledge and devotion. When it opens, it destroys. Also several extremely powerful demons took birth from its fire like Jalandhar and Andhak.

Fact 13: Wealth of Mahadev

The celibate Shiva who has no house and clothes, gave boon to Kuber and made him the deity of wealth and prosperity.

Fact 14: Disciple of Mahadev

Parashuram, the incarnation of Vishnu and the symbol of anger and bravery, learned the fighting skills from Mahadev himself. He also got the Parashu and Vijay Dhanush from him.

Fact 15: The Giving Attitude

Neelkanth drank the poison and saved the world. Gangadhar holded Ganga in his crest and protected the land from her extreme flow. Someshwara made Moon his crown and saved him from the curse of Prajapati Daksha. Nagendra Haraye made Vasuki snake, jewel of neck and provided respect to his whole clan. These acts shows the divinity and love for all of us from our father, Bholenath.

Fact 16: Sudarshan Chakra

Sudarshan Chakra, the most powerful and deadly weapon of Lord Vishnu, was provided to him by Shiva. Later Parashuram borrowed it from Narayan and gave to Krishna.

Fact 17: Fierce forms

Veerbhadra, Bhootnath and BhairavNath are some of the fierce forms of Mahadev which he takes when there is need of extreme destruction. Bhairav Nath accompanied Hanuman ji for protecting humans from the supernatural troubles.

Fact 18: Baby Form

Grihapati is the baby form of Shiva, which he took to fulfill the wish of one of his devotee, Vishwanath.

Fact 19: Son of Shiva and Vishnu

Ayyappa is the son of Mahadev and Lord Vishnu which got birth from the Hari-Har form. This is like Ardhanarishwar where Parvati is replaced with Vishnu. This form signifies the equality of both supreme lords.

Fact 20: The Supreme Lord

The only god who belongs to all the creatures, animals, humans, demons, deities, ghosts, goblins, ghouls and whose prayers don’t involve any procedure or method is our adorable, LORD SHIVA.

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