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Bhasmasur – A demon who tried to burn Shiva

There was a demon named Bruk, who was a little mentally unstable. His parents always cursed him of his uselessness. They thought that he wouldn’t be able to do anything in his life.

Bruk got a Boon

Frustrated from the quip of his community, Bruk did a hard austerity of Shiva. Mahadev appeared and told him to ask a boon. Filled with the anger of revenge, he asked Shiva to give him powers so that he could burn anybody by putting his hand over their heads.

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Shiva granted his boon. To test the boon, Bruk killed many of his enemies. He even killed innocent animals and peoples. Judging from his powers, people gave him the name, Bhasmasur (means a demon who can burn).

Bhasmasur was very happy with the boon and went to Indra Loka. All deities ran away.

Narad Muni came and asked Bhasmasur, if he was happy with the boon. Bhasmasur thanked Narad because it was him who encouraged Bhasmasur to do an austerity of Shiva.

Narad Muni advised him about austerity because Bruk was the victim of his community and Narad wanted to help him. From Shiva he could have asked prosperity and comforts but he asked a destructive boon.

Bruk tried to burn Shiva

To end the nuisance of Bruk, Narad ji provoked him against Shiva and told him that if He can grant him a boon, he can also snatch it back.

Bhasmasur was a mindless demon. He thought that Narad ji is right. To remove the fear of losing powers, he ran towards Shiva to burn Him.

Bhasmasur Burned Himself

Narayana took Mohini form and came in front of Bhasmasur. From the beauty of Mohini, he got attracted towards her.

Mohini asked Bhasmasur to dance with her. In one pose she put her hand on her head. Bhasmasur tried to copy her and he put his own hand on his head and got burned down.

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