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Jalandhar – Demon Born from Third Eye of Shiva

A demon Trishira was doing an austerity of Shiva and Indra killed him during his penance. Selfish Indra thought that he will ask his throne from Mahadev as boon.

Shiva got furious and opened his third eye to kill Indra. But he fall into His feet and apologized for his mistake. Shiva didn’t want to kill the king of deities and hence put the anger fire of third eye, deep into the ocean. The fire contained the energies of Shiva so it needed to be controlled. Only ocean could handle such extreme heat.

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Birth of Jalandhar

From the fire in ocean, a baby took birth. He had powers of both fire and water. An extremely brave and powerful personality. He was loaded with principles and determination. Ocean lord gave him the name, Jalandhar.

The baby was raised by a mermaid. She had no regards for deities because in the past they had crushed her eggs from the wheels of their chariot.

Indra was afraid of the boy and tried to kill him. He missed his shot and killed the mermaid. Jalandhar burned in revenge and pain. Shukracharya adopted him and converted him into a mighty warrior.

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Jalandhar attacked Indra and snatched his Eravat. He spared his life so that he could kill him along with other deities in the war. Later he took good care of Eravat.

Jalandhar Married Vrinda

Shukracharya knew that Jalandhar is a diamond and could rule all the three worlds. Since he was the part of Shiva, his knowledge and powers were extreme. To provide him maximum protection, Shukracharya married him with Vrinda, the daughter of Kalnemi.

Vrinda was a pure, kind, devoted and faithful lady. Her devotion and faithfulness became the shield of protection for Jalandhar. He became invincible and nearly immortal.

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Jalandhar Attacked Indra with Vrittrasur

Jalandhar attacked Indra with Vrittrasur but Indra killed Vrittrasur with Vajra which was made from the bones of Rishi Dadhichi.

Furious over the death of Vrittrasur, Jalandhar jumped into the war. Deities tried weapons provided by Shiva and Vishnu but they didn’t hurt him because of the protection from Vrinda.

Trinity God didn’t interfered the fight because Jalandhar didn’t do anything wrong. Indra was facing the outcomes of his deeds.

Jalandhar won the war and spared Indra to live an embarrassing life ahead.

Jalandhar Became Master of Three Worlds

Soon Jalandhar won Patal Loka, Prithvi Loka and Swarga Loka and became Trilokadhipati (master of three worlds). He was a great ruler who cared for his citizens and provided equality to all.

Jalandhar Wanted to be Superior than Trinity Gods

Once Narad Muni met Jalandhar and informed him about the superiority of Trinity Gods. He told him that everything belongs to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Today he is trilokadhipati tomorrow there will be someone else. But Trinity will stay forever.

Jalandhar got deflected from his path and set enmity with Shiva. He learned that he was born from the anger fire of third eye. He was furious because Shiva abandoned him and didn’t save his mother from Indra.

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Shukracharya tried to convince him but he wasn’t ready to understand. He asked his guru to prepare a special weapon for him. Shukracharya invented a Maya weapon and gave him.

Jalandhar used that weapon on Parvati who was in the 7th stage of Ashtang Yoga and bound her in the illusion.

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Jalandhar couldn’t be killed by Shiva alone. With the combine powers of Shiva and Shakti only, he could be slayed. So he bound Parvati in illusion. Also he was protected by the faithfulness of Vrinda.

Shiva Blessed Shukracharya

Shukracharya was embarrassed on the act of Jalandhar and felt sorry with Shiva. Shiva was delighted with the devotion of Shukracharya and informed him that being in doubt is the destiny of his life. Otherwise how could a great sage like Shukra would become the teacher of Demons.

He blessed him that his doubts and completeness of his thoughts will get famous as Shukra Neeti. It will encourage demons, deities, humans, Yakshas, everybody to struggle for their rights.

Shiva blessed him with many boons. He gave him position in planets and Nakshatra. Also a day out of week is devoted to teacher of Demons, Shukra known as Shukravaar. He got blessed as one of the greatest teachers of this world.

Narayana Broke Faithfulness of Vrinda

Vrinda was organizing a prayer of her adorable God, Narayana, to provide ultimate protection to her husband. Jalandhar loved and respected his wife. Although he hated deities, but for the happiness and wish of his wife, he was ready to become part of her prayer.

Narayana knew that if prayer got completed successfully, it will become impossible to defeat Jalandhar and that would lead to the destruction of this world.

With heavy heart, Narayana decided to break the faithfulness of Vrinda for the welfare of the whole world. He went in disguise of Jalandhar and became part of the prayer of Vrinda. This way her faithfulness broke and Jalandhar lost all the protection.

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When Vrinda knew about this, she got into deep sorrow and cursed Narayana that one day somebody will also cheat with his wife and she will also have to bear the embarrassment of unfaithfulness. Narayana apologized and accepted the curse. Vrinda was heart broken because her adorable God cheated with her. She wasn’t able to bear the pain and killed herself by drowning herself in ocean.

Sometimes Narayana takes wrong path to fight unrighteousness. He is the moderator of this world and to protect it from evils, He could take any road.

Narayana was embarrassed over his deeds and over the death of Vrinda. So He went into deep Yoga Nidra. He woke up again when Narad evocated him during the Dhumavati Avatar of Parvati and universe was on the verge of holocaust.

Fight of Jalandhar and Shiva

After looking at the dead body of Vrinda, Jalandhar went into deep sorrow. His mother, wife and guru all left him. The pain and revenge made him the arch enemies of Trinity Gods.

He took pledge that either the anger fire (Jalandhar himself) or the revenge fire will end in the war.

He attacked Mahadev. Kartikeya, Ganesha, Nandi and deities fought with him and got defeated. Shiva stabbed him with his trident but couldn’t kill him.

Parvati, who was in the illusion, woke up from her Ashtang yoga and took Adi Shakti form. She broke the Maya of Jalandhar. Shiva and Shakti, collectively used their powers and killed Jalandhar.

Shiva then enlightened him about his mistakes and how a mighty trilokadhipati like him, lost everything because of anger and revenge. Jalandhar asked why Shiva didn’t come to raise him? Shiva informed him that He never left. He was always there for him. Only, Jalandhar wasn’t ready to feel His presence.

Jalandhar realized his mistakes and got consumed within the third eye of Shiva, from where he took birth.

Panchamukhi Mahadev

From the death of Jalandhar, all the 5 elements of nature got disturbed. So, Shiva took the form of Panchamukhi Mahadev and settled the disturbance of panchatatva.

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