Dashama No Thal MP3 Song Download Free (Original) ♫♫ - Krishna Kutumb

Dashama No Thal MP3 Song Download Free (Original) ♫♫

You may download Dashama No Thal Mp3 song from the below wizard –

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This is the beautiful thal sung by singer Hemant Chauhan. This wizard will allow you to listen the best and original Dashama No Thal Aarti MP3 song on internet.

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How Dashama No Thal MP3 Song download will benefit you?

Dasha Maa is revered in Gujarat as the symbol of conditions and situations. Worshiping her will benefit you in improving your current status and you will get the directions in your life. This aarti will help you in finding peace of mind and drive you towards success.

Goddess Durga is also known as Mahamaya and goddess Momai is one of her form. Momai is also known as Dasha Mata or Ashapura Mata. She is the folk goddess and mainly revered by village women till a rajput king intervened.

The story is something like there was a king Vijay Singh whose wife Rupmati was a beautiful and kind heart lady. They have two sons and everybody was living happily in palace without any troubles. One day Rupmati saw some village women worshiping a goddess. The celebration was attractive and queen felt a force towards it. She sent one of her servant to inquire about the whole ritual.

When servant returned, she told the queen everything about Dasha Mata. Fortunately, It was the first day of fast so queen started worshiping the goddess. When king came to know about this, he found it insulting for a royal family to worship a villager’s goddess. He asked queen to remove the idol from palace and stop the prayers.

By the arrogance and insulting behavior of Vijay singh, Dasha Mata got angry and her wrath fall over his kingdom. He lost everything and became very poor.

To find some work, king along with his family decided to go to another kingdom. In the path they found an orchard with fruits but they all got spoiled as soon as they reached there. Ahead, they found a well in which both the sons of king fall down and died. Even king and queen got captured in new kingdom.

Vijay Singh realized that the whole incidence is related to the act of insult he did to Mata Dasha. He and queen immediately started having fast and apologized for his mistakes. Goddess Dasha pleased with their devotion and the conditions of king started improving. The accusations on him proved false and he was relived from prison. Even he found his sons alive and in healthy condition.

From that day, even the higher class people of society worship Dasha Mata.

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