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Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga – The Linga Created By Shri Rama

Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga was created by Shri Rama when he attacked Ravana and killed him. Since Ravana was a brahmin, so to get rid from the sin of killing a brahmin (Brahma Hatya) and freedom from the class of Brahma Rakshas, Rama created this Linga and worshiped it.

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About Rameshwaram

Rameshwaram is situated at the bank of ocean in south India. The Rameshwaram temple is about 1000 feet tall, 650 feet wide, 125 feet high.

It is revered in the same way as Kashi in north. Shri Rama created the bridge here so it is known as Setu Bandh. That’s why it is a major place of devotion.

Gandamadhan Mountain

About 1.5 miles away in north-east direction, there is a small mountain called Gandamadhan Parvat. Hanuman ji climbed on this mountain to cross the ocean. This is the place where Shri Ram collected his army of monkeys. His foot prints are worshiped here.

There are two Shiva Linga. According to the legends, Shri Rama asked Hanuman ji to bring a Shiva Linga from Kashi so that He could worship and get free from the sin of killing a brahmin.

When Hanuman ji didn’t return in the defined time period, Rama made one from the sand of ocean. This Shiva Linga is known as Ram Nath. When Hanuman Ji returned, both Shiva Linga were installed together.

Temples in Rameshwaram

There are two different idols of both Shiva and Parvati. One of the idol of Parvati is called Parvat Vardhini and another one Vishalakshi. There is a statue of Hanuman ji at the door of the temple.

Rameshwaram is the temple of Shiva and Parvati. There are many other temples in the compound but that of Vishnu is important.

There are about 22 wells of sweet water which removes all the sins of those who bathe in the water of these.

Chimdam Village

About 3 miles in the east from Rameshwaram, there is a village called Chimdam. Here lies a sweet water pond surrounded with the salty water of ocean. It is said that when Sita ji was very thirsty, then Rama created this pond from his arrow.

Ram Swami Temple

There is a temple in the south of Rameshwaram. It is known as Ram Swami temple. Vibhishana took shelter in the refuge of Rama here. Also, this is where he was declared king of Lanka after the death of Ravana.

Sita Kund

Sita Kund is situated in front of eastern pier of Ram Nath temple. Sita ji proved her faithfulness here by passing from the pool of fire which got converted into the pool of water.

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