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Vrishabh Avatar – Fight Between Shiva and Narayana

Once Goddess Lakshmi argued with Vishnu over the matter of who resides inside his heart. Vishnu said that Mahadev resides in half part of his heart. Lakshmi had no problem in that but she asked about another half part. Vishnu said that she also resides in the other half part.

Lakshmi got furious over the statement of Narayana. As her wife, she wanted Narayana to be completely hers only. Vishnu said that it can’t be possible. All His devotees resides in His heart.

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Lakshmi was angry because she was in the queue of Narayana’s devotees and not exclusively loved by Him. So she asked Him to go and live with His devotees and forget her.

Narayana tried to convince Lakshmi but she got blind with her anger and asked Him to leave.

In patal Loka some nymph were praying and when Narayana appeared they asked Him to become their husband and forget everything of this world and stay with them. Narayana had no other option and so He blessed them with their wish. Narayan forgot everything even his existence as trinity God.

Vrishabh Avatar of Shiva

Without Narayana the universe started shaking. Mahadev took Vrishabh Avatar and started fighting with Him. For several years this fight kept on going.

Shiva was only defending himself and Narayana was attacking. Then Narayana used Narayan Astra and Mahadev used Pashupatastra. Both got captured in bounds. For several years they remained captured.

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Then Ganesha went to Nymphs and asked them to free Narayana from their boon and let Him go because its impossible to hold any trinity God. It’s against nature.

Nymphs released Narayana from their promise and He remembered everything. He found that His Sudarshan left in Patal Loka then Shiva offered Him one more Chakra and asked to leave the left one for the prosperity of Patal.

Shiva then blessed the residents that without their permission no one could enter Patal Loka.

Lakshmi understood that Trinity Gods are in all the elements of this world. One can’t confine them within limits. They have responsibilities and equally adored by everyone.

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