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Jaharveer Goga Chalisa Mp3 Song Download Free (Original)

You may download Jaharveer Goga Chalisa Mp3 song from the below wizard –

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This is the beautiful chalisa sung by singer K.C. Nimesh. This wizard will allow you to listen the best and original Jaharveer Goga Chalisa MP3 song on internet.

How Jaharveer Goga Chalisa MP3 Song download will benefit you?

Jaharveer Goga ji is a warrior and popularly known as the master over serpents. So his grace could relieve you from snake bites. This chalisa will benefit you by providing courage and immense self confidence.

The story of Goga ji starts from the region of Bagad Dadreva, where a king ruled with his two queens, Bacchal and Kacchal. They were real sisters. Everything was fine with their lives but only they had no child from 12 years. Deprived from motherhood, both queens were in deep sorrow.

One day a servant came and informed Bacchal that their dry garden suddenly turned green. She was anxious to know the reason behind it and found a sage in the garden. He was Guru Gorakhnath Ji. She told him about her sorrow and guru ji asked her to come next morning. She was delighted thinking that her wish will fulfill soon and told everything to Kacchal.

Listening to her sister, Kacchal decided to meet guru ji in disguise before her. Guru ji gave her some sacred ash and bless that she will give birth to two sons. He then went away from that place.

When Bacchal came and didn’t find Gorakhnath ji, she started searching him everywhere in agony. Finally she found him and asked for the boon. He told that she already got the boon in the morning. Then she realized that it was the doing of her sister. In deep sorrow, she pleaded guru ji to end her sufferings and bless her with a child. Gorakhnath ji had some guggal which he gave her. She took it and happily ate some of it. Also, she gave some to her two friends and rest to a female horse.

After 9 months, Kacchal gave birth to two sons, Arjan and Sarjan while Bacchal gave birth to Jaharveer Goga ji. He is also known as Guga ji because being born with the help of Guggal. The female horse gave birth to a blue horse.

One day Jaharveer ji was roaming in the garden where he met with a princess. Her name was Sarial and she got attracted on his looks. They married with each other and whole town of Bagad cherished over the happy occasion.

After few years, Arjan and Sarjan got jealous with the popularity of Goga ji and thought that he will become the king and rule over them. They started conspiring against him and attacked with the help of an enemy. Jaharveer fought with extreme courage and killed a number of enemies. In the war, Arjan and Sarjan got killed too but released the enemy king when he pleaded for mercy.

Jaharveer came back to his kingdom and dropped the heads of Arjan and Sarjan. Watching this, Kacchal fainted at her place. Bacchal cursed Goga ji and asked to leave and never return. He accepted the wish of his mother and went to meet Sarial for the last time. She asked her husband to not leave or let her come with him. But he assured that he will come to meet her at nights.

One day queen Bacchal asked Sarial, why she dressed up like a married woman. Goga has gone and will never return. To this, Sarial said that he comes every night and show her his face and leave. On that night too he came but Bacchal saw him and again cursed. He couldn’t bear this and remembered his guru, gorakhnath ji and requested to give him freedom from life. Immediately earth cracked and he along with his blue horse, landed in.

He is revered by both Hindus and Muslims. Generally, Hindus calls him Goga ji while Muslims calls him Jahar Peer.

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