Ayyappa - Son of HariHar - Krishna Kutumb

Ayyappa – HariHar form of Vishnu and Shiva

After killing Arunasur, the Bhramari form of Parvati got uncontrolled. All the bees started attacking the evil people, demons & animals and converting them into bees too. She was at the extreme of her energies.

Bhramari Devi - Arunasur - Krishna KutumbWho was Arunasur? Why Parvati needed to take Bhramari form to kill him? Click to know.

Even Shiva couldn’t control the situation alone because she could be controlled by only someone whose female energies are equal to Adishakti.

Shiva already gave most of his female energies to AdiShakti when Brahma was creating the universe so that there will be balance between nature and man.

Negativity started increasing in the world in the form of bees.

Mahishi – Sister of Mahishasur

A female demon, Mahishi, sister of Mahishasur, was waiting for this moment when she could take the revenge of the death of her brother from Parvati.

According to the boon of Brahma dev, Mahishi could only be killed by someone who was born with relationship between Vishnu and Shiva. So Parvati could not kill Mahishi, nor any other deity present in the world. Mahishi was free from any death threats because how could a baby take birth from Vishnu and Shiva?

Mahishi captured some bees so that Bhramari couldn’t convert back into Parvati.

Akhilandeshwari Devi - Panchabhoot Sthalam Lingam - Krishna KutumbStory of Akhilandeshwari Devi form of Goddess Parvati.

Birth of Hariharputra

Vishnu took Mohini form. Mahadev and Mohini started their divine performance and the world got a new form of Shiva and Vishnu, known as HariHar.

The baby, Hariharputra, created from them was named Manikanthan. He was raised by king Rajashekhara.

Manikanthan Slayed Mahishi

Manikanthan fought with Mahishi and killed her. He did a dance with the energies of both Narayan and Shiva. This awoke up one of the great devotee of Shiva, Lakulesh, from austerity.

Construction of Ayyappa Temple

After the death of Mahishi all the captured bees got free. With the union of all bees, Bhramari got converted back into Parvati.

Rajashekhara created a temple of Manikanthan at Sabrimala. Vishwakarma created the temple and Parashuram created the idol. The God at this temple is known as Ayyappa. Ayya means Narayan and Appa means Shiva.

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