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Why Shiva Took Chandrashekhar Form? Story of Curse of Durvasa

Rishi Durvasa is the son of Mata Anusuiya and Rishi Attri. He is known for his anger and the frequency of cursing people. But his curse was always in the welfare of mankind.

This story is from the time when Shiva was getting ready to marry Parvati. Kuber, Vishwakarma, Indra all tried to convince Shiva to wear new clothes but He was stagnant with His form of being a celibate.

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Narad muni requested Narayana to show his Maya so that Shiva will be forced to marry in new clothes only. Narayana smiled and assured everyone that they all are going see the most beautiful form of Shiva in marriage.

Narayana asked Narad to invite Rishi Durvasa at Kailash only when all the Gana-Preta will be in the mood of joy.

Curse of Rishi Durvasa

Kailash organized a celebration before the procession of Shiva. They all drank cannabis in milk (Bhaang ki Thandai). All Gana-Preta were in the intoxication of joy and cannabis.

Narad went and brought Rishi Durvasa there. Unaware of the situation, Gana-Preta bantered with Durvasa in their joy. Furious with their activities, phiz and costumes, Durvasa cursed them that the bride’s family will get unconscious looking at undisciplined Gana-Preta and it will get impossible for Shiva to marry in His present form.

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After completion of his job, Narad delightfully left Kailash. Narayana came and assured everybody that everything will be fine and even better after this curse.

Shiva took Chandrashekhar Form

According to the curse, the bride’s family got frightened looking at uncivilized, dirty and scary ghosts and goblins. Parvati’s mother, Menavati, declared that she won’t let her daughter marry with Shiva.

Narayana came and consoled Menavati that He will Himself do the makeover of Shiva and will turn Him into a prince.

After wearing new royal clothes and turban, Shiva looked extremely attractive and beautiful. It appeared like Kamdev gave all his beauty to Shiva. This form is known as Chandrashekhar.

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