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Trimbakeshwar Mahadev Jyotirlinga | Nyaya Darshan Shastra of Gautam Rishi

Rishi Gautam lived in the city of Trimbak which was affected with drought. People were suffering from hunger and lack of water.

To solve the problems, Gautam rishi did an austerity and pleased Varun dev. To bless the people of Trimbak, Varun dev gave him a pond. With the efforts of Gautam rishi, Trimbak got free from drought and people became prosperous.

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Story of Trimbakeshwar Mahadev Jyotirlinga

The fake priests in Trimbak got astonished with the pond. They felt insecurity and terror on their position. To humiliate Gautam rishi, they contaminated the pond and blamed Gautam for it.

Crowd tried to hurt him but Shiva appeared in a form of sage and informed them about the great work and austerity of Gautam rishi.

Ganga Appeared as Godavari

Priests again provoked crowd against Gautam rishi and asked if he could bring Ganga in Trimbak with his prayers.

Shiva, in disguise of sage, asked Gautam rishi to pray and call Ganga. He again did an austerity. Pleased from his prayers, Ganga appeared and blessed Trimbak with her presence as Godavari.

Foundation of Jyotirlinga

Shiva appeared in his real form and blessed Trimbak with his Jyotirlinga. This is known as Trimbakeshwar Mahadev Jyotirlinga.

Priests felt sorry and apologized for their deeds and accepted their sins of contaminating the pond.

Shiva Taught Nyaya Darshan Shastra

Shiva enlightened Gautam rishi with Nyaya Darshan Shastra and asked him to write it for the welfare of world.

Nyaya Darshan Shastra is the collection of 16 facts –

  1. Praman
  2. Sanshaya
  3. Prayojan
  4. Drishthant
  5. Siddhant
  6. Jalp
  7. Chhal
  8. Jaati
  9. Nigrasthan
  10. Hitprabhas
  11. Nirnaya
  12. Vaad
  13. Pritandak
  14. Avya
  15. Tat
  16. Pramay

There are 4 types of Praman (Proof) –

  1. Pratyaksha
  2. Anumaan
  3. Upmaaan
  4. Shabd

The thing which get proved from these 4 praman, is known as Pramay. The Pramay is itself divided into 12 parts –

  1. Arth
  2. Sharir
  3. Mann
  4. Buddhi
  5. Dosh
  6. Hal
  7. Dukh
  8. Apvarg
  9. Indriyan
  10. Pravritti
  11. Prattiya bhag
  12. Parag

This was the foundation of Nyaya Darshan Shastra which gives us knowledge of how to do justice regarding issues.

The writer of Nyaya Darshan Shastra, Gautam Rishi, did a terrible injustice with his wife, Ahilya, when he cursed her to become a stone for the sin which she didn’t do.

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