Bhogi 2018

Bhogi pongal in Andhra pradesh

Bhogi 2018. Bhogi falls on the primary day of the Pongal celebration. It’s celebrated on the final day of the Tamil month of Margazhi. That is celebrated throughout Makar Sankranti from the south to the North hemisphere. In keeping with the English calendar, it falls between January 13-16.  Bhogi Pandigai marks the beginning of celebrations of Pongal, which is, no doubt, one of the crucial crucial typical festivals of Tamil of us. . Lord Indra is worshipped so that he can bring in the prosperity to the land. People on bhogi 2018 stay together with the family members and celebrate together with happiness.

Bhogi 2018 Rituals of Bhogi

The other ritual that’s adopted is that folks burn their outdated home articles and purchase new things. Women dance across the bonfire they usually sing songs and worship the Gods. In Andhra Pradesh, Bhogi is well known when the women burn their outdated garments and put on new ones after getting an oil therapeutic massage and a shower. The following day is the Pongal panai, the place the earthen pots are painted with turmeric, mango leaves, and flowers. The competition is well known with quite a lot of pleasure.

Things Individuals do on Event of Bhogi 2018

The homes of everybody are washed and painted. The homes are additionally painted with Kolam, which is a ground design painted by the purple and white color. The purple color is created from the mud and the white color is created from the rice paste. Pumpkin flowers are additionally dumped into the cow-dung to make completely different sorts of patterns. The puja is finished on at the present time earlier than the individuals reduce the paddy. The farmers worship the solar and in addition the Earth and search their blessings.

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