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How Nandi was Born and How Messages Spoken in his Ears Reach Shiva?

Birth Story of Nandi

A farmer, Shilad, prayed Mahadev to get blessed with a son. Shiva appeared and asked him what kind of son he wants?

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Shilad only had two bulls in his life who helped him and stayed in his health and sickness. So, he asked Shiva to give him a son like his bulls.

Shiva blessed Shilad with a son who could convert into any shape and would have power like bulls. Shiva named the baby, Nandi.

After few years, Nandi left his home and went to Kailash to serve his adorable God, Shiva. Shilad respected the wish of his son and permitted him to go to Kailash.

Nandi became the faithful servant of Shiva and soon he got a special place in the heart of Mahadev. Shiva made him his mount.

How Messages Spoken in the Ears of Nandi Reaches Shiva?

Once Shilad came to Mahadev and asked to send Nandi with him. Since he grew old and needed the support of his son at this stage of life.

Mahadev agreed and asked Nandi to leave with his father. Nandi refused but Shiva ordered him to go. Without any options left, Nandi went with his father.

After few days Shilad came and told Shiva that Nandi has stopped eating and sleeping. He keep missing Mahadev and saying that he has no life without his master. If his master abandoned him then there is nothing left to live for.

Shilad requested Mahadev to call Nandi back but Shiva knew that he won’t come back like that. So He went to the home of Shilad.

Nandi was delighted to see his adorable God but was heart broken because Shiva abandoned him.

Mahadev was impressed with the love and devotion of Nandi. So He made him His son and blessed him with a boon in which if any devotee would speak in the ears of Nandi, those messages will reach Shiva directly.

Nandi is a part of family of Shiva like Parvati, Kartikeya and Ganesha.

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