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Curses on Lord Shiva

Due to misconceptions and demands of time, Shiva was cursed by number of sages and saints.


Curse of Prajapati Daksha

Prajapati Daksha was the son of Brahma Dev. In the beginning of the world, Shiva cursed Brahma dev that He will never be worshiped and later Shiva cut one out of 5 heads of Brahma.

Prajapati wanted revenge for the insult of his father and that’s why he cursed Shiva that like his father, He won’t be worshiped too.

But with the efforts of Narayana and Brahma, the curse got lifted.


Curse of Rishi Kashyap

Surya dev got arrogant and Shiva hit him with his trident. When Rishi Kashyap, father of Sun, got the information, he cursed Shiva that one day He will Himself cut the head of His own son.


Curse of Rishi Durvasa

Rishi Durvasa came in the celebration of procession of the marriage of Shiva. There some Gana-Preta misbehaved with him in the flow of joy. Durvasa got angry and cursed that everybody is uncultured here so Shiva’s marriage won’t happen in His celibate form.

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